While I’ve been trying to get my room back together, I was thinking about what I would write tonight. After my little writer’s freak-out yesterday, I wasn’t sure if I’d have anything to say today.

But, lo and behold, the Lord allowed me to remember a little something I used to do back when I was just starting to blog during my sophomore year of college.

It’s a little thing I call “Sweet Tea” posts. It has nothing to do with sweet tea, but they were these little random posts that had categories like the latest thing I was wearing, or what I was listening to lately, or what I was reading in the Bible. I would write these posts every once in a while to give my readers a little update on what was happening with me, and it was kind of nice to throw this post up when I hadn’t blogged in a while.

They’re called “Sweet Tea” posts just because I like sweet tea. You can find the rest of the Sweet Tea posts if you scroll down on my blog, and on the right-side you’ll see the list of categories. Sweet Tea should be one of them. Click on that, and all the Sweet Tea posts form the past will be there!

But I’ll write a Sweet Teat post tonight for you guys! Yaaay for throwbacks!

It looks like the last Sweet Tea post I wrote was in February 2015…OVER A YEAR AGO! That’s insane…

My Life

Overall, life is good. I’m working, going to church, writing and reading a lot, and spending some time with my family. I’ve also been traveling a lot, mostly back to Chattanooga to see most of my friends.

I’ve been trying to do better at keeping up with people, and I seem to be doing okay. Everyone’s got their own type of busy going on, so I understand that not everyone can send a text back or whatever. Such is life.

Currently trying to keep up with #JSW, and also look for jobs and places to live for when my internship is over. Praying about it too because I need some major guidance.


Well, you can always hit up my latest jams in The Latest Jams tab. That’s mostly what I’ve been listening to these days PLUS a lot of Pierce the Veil BECAUSE I GET TO SEE THEM LIVE THIS FRIDAY WITH MY SISTER, IT’S GOING TO BE AMAZING.

I normally do the top 5 songs/albums I’ve been listening to, so I’ll do that really quick, just without my long explanations of why I’m listening to it a lot…

  1. Misadventures by Pierce the Veil. 
  2. All Have Fallen by ELHAE. 
  3. “Cold Water” by Major Lazer, feat. Justin Bieber and MO
  4. “Don’t” originally by Bryson Tiller (I’ve also been jammin’ Will Singe’s cover of it <3)
  5. All things Kehlani. (cause she’s been KILLIN’ THA GAAAAME)

The Word

I’m going to be 100% honest with you all…I’ve been struggling so hard with trying to have my quiet time recently.

During the summer, I’d do it in the mornings for a couple of hours, but that was when I didn’t have to work until 10am. Nowadays, I’m working at 8am, which is the crack of dawn compared to 10am. I’m not complaining, but it is so difficult to try to read my Bible that early in the morning, and have my complete attention on what I’m reading.

So, I really need to try to do it at night. Maybe I’ll make it a habit to do it before I blog. Gotta have my priorities straight.

But I’m still going through the Gospels. I read a couple or a few Psalms, and the Proverb of the day. And I’ve been reading My Utmost for His Highest by Oswald Chambers too.


My threads have been less exciting since summer is over, and I’ve switched jobs. Although, I have been having fun being business casual. It kind of reminds of working in the library in college, only I wear heels way more now than I did then.

And I’m still kind of wearing my summer wardrobe because fall won’t come to Savannah until right before Thanksgiving maybeeeee…


I’ve been writing letters to some friends plus working on some little crafts I’m going to give as gifts. 🙂

What I’m Watching

If you look at my Netflix account, you’ll see that in my “Continue Watching…” section, I have One Tree HillCriminal MindsBob’s Burgers, and CSI:NY all lined up, ready for me to finish them. I’m also still in the middle of watching Bones with Mom, because we’re never able to watch as many episodes like we used to when I was working at home this summer.

But I think I may finish One Tree Hill first before anything else? I really should have finished Criminal Minds since I think that’s coming back soon? Or maybe it’s already on TV now? I’m so behind, I don’t even know…


Here&Now I am…sitting on turquoise bean bag, writing this blog without wearing my glasses (hoping there are not typos haha). My hair is up in a ponytail because my room is extremely warm for some reason, and I’m waiting for my laundry to dry so I can put the last of it in the dryer, and then take a shower before going to bed for work tomorrow.

Wow. I kinda missed Sweet Tea posts.



Sweet Tea #7

Happy Sunday!

Oh my gosh, I looked back at my last Sweet Tea post, and realized that the last time I made one was during the summer time. I don’t know about you, but some Sweet Tea is LONG overdue! 😀

To those who are new, Sweet Tea posts are posts with 7 categories that give you an update on certain things in my life, like what I’m listening to, what I’m watching, what I’m wearing, etc.

So, here we go!

My Life

Life’s going pretty good. I am extremely busy these days because, well, college and everything that goes along with it, such as homework, work study, working out, eating right, having a devotional time, writing. Everything is always pretty crazy. And with everything being crazy, I am still trying to check my “fear and worry meter.” I’m still trying to work on not freaking out so much.

I was in the middle of reading excerpts from Paradise Lost for CHOW 2 (Classical Heritage Of the West) class and taking notes because I could potentially be writing my paper on it (it’s due a week from tomorrow, so I need to get started on it now). But, it’s kind of hard to read it. I find I have to read, then re-read, and then re-re-read to underline and highlight important things so I can use them for m paper. All that to say, I was getting bored. So, here I am!


Well, this section of Sweet Tea is a little easier to do since there’s a Latest Jams tab on my blog now. I’ll still give you my top 5 songs/albums I’ve been listening to lately though…

  1. “Sweet Tea” by Polyphia – Ironic, eh? Over Christmas break, the frontman of Polyphia followed me on Twitter and, like any self-promoting artist would do, he sent me a direct message with a YouTube link, asking me to check out his band. And this was the song he sent me. I thought, “Ya know, why not?” and I listened to this song and actually LOVED it. There are no words, it’s just straight up instrumental with a WHOLE BUNCH of killer guitar solos. It’s probably officially one of my happy songs because it just sounds so cheery. I feel like my Sweet Tea posts now have their own official theme song! So here it is if you wanna listen to it!: 
  2. Room 93 by Halsey – This album is on my Junior Year (Spring!) playlist (which is under the Latest Jams tab) and, guys, it’s just so good to listen to on cold, rainy, foggy days (and we’ve had plenty of those up here on the mountain!). I find these songs constantly getting stuck in my head on the way to class, and I also tend to play them a lot when taking showers haha
  3. Acoustic by PVRIS – Ahh, yet another album that’s good for chilly winter weather on the mountain. And for adding to the “shower playlist.” PVRIS is actually touring with Sleeping with Sirens and Pierce the Veil on The World Tour and I’m completely bummed that I won’t be able to see them in concert. Bria will get to see them in Atlanta though. Super jelly.
  4. “You Deserve Better” by Caylin Britt – Okay, you could say that I’m biased becase Caylin is one of my best friends. But her EP Sincerlely, Me came out on iTunes about a month ago, and it is AWESOME. Before this song made it onto the EP, I’d always want to har Caylin play this song on her guitar. And now that it’s on the EP, I can listen to it whenever. The lyrics are just legit – anyone can relate to them. And that’s what I like about all of Caylin’s music: it’s all totally relatable and it comes from her heart. Haha, talk about promoting. Y’all should just check out her whole EP on iTunes!
  5. “No Good For You” by Meghan Trainor – I’ve only listened to this song a couple of times, but the couple of times I’ve heard it…my gosh…I love it so much. I love Meghan Trainor so much anyway. She’s the bomb.

Guys, I’m actually doing this thing this year where I listen to a new album every month. For example:

December: Halsey’s Room 93 & PVRIS’s Acoustic and White Noise

January: Austin Mahone’s The Secret

And this month will be Meghan Trainor’s Title (Deluxe Edition) PLUS her commentary album. I’m starting to love commentary albums, guys. They’re just so helpful.

The Word

Right now, I’m reading the book of John. I honestly have been doing so poorly with reading my Bible. I haven’t settled into my schedule fully until maybe this past week. And even then things still change. But I need to start being in the Word more again. I think Bria and I are going to read Mark together during breakfast as well. But I need to set aside a time for myself to read my Bible and journal.


Hmm. Lately it’s been sweaters, leggings, and beanies. I finally have shirts long enough to wear leggings to class (yay!) And beanies have just been a winter necessity. It’s way too cold up here on this mountain to not wear one at least a couple of times a week.


I mean…writing-wise, I wrote in The Bagpipe and I’ve been slightly consistent with this blog, if I do say so myself 🙂 Other than that, no time to knit or crochet or paint or whatever. Absolutely. NO. TIME.

What I’m Watching

How to Get Away with Murder and Scandal have returned so I’ll be catching up on those shows (when I have free time. Probably on the weekends). Even though I finished Criminal Minds on Netflix, I kinda wanna restart it cause it’s just my favorite show of all time. I’d love to start Season 10 though…you know…once Netflix has it…


Here&now I am…blogging, drinking Detox tea, chatting with Bria about going to this event called Jazzanooga for my article in The Chattanoogan, and thinking I should probably finish reading for my homework.

So that’s what’s up with me! Hope you enjoyed some Sweet Tea on this Sunday night! I really need to go finish my homework and get ready for my week. But I love you guys! I pray that you all have an amazing week! Don’t let the fact that tomorrow is Monday get you down!

Luv ya!

Mishy ❤

Sweet Tea #6

Wow, I’ve been so busy with the new REVAMP segment and with work and other life things that I haven’t been able to sit down with y’all to have a glass of SWEET TEA! Let’s fix that…

My Life

Many of you have probably seen the “my summer so far…” tweets on Twitter? Well, they are pretty accurate. Literally, “my summer so far..” has been this…

…or this…

BUT! I’ve had some really good times this summer, despite work and the occasional “What should we do today?” Surprisingly, I’ve gone to the pool only 3 times this summer (last summer, the pool was like my life), but I’ve watched so. many. movies. Movies I never thought I’d watch, like scary movies (What?!) and sci-fi, action movies (like Star Trek and The Amazing Spiderman). So, I haven’t completely drowned my summer in work and boredom haha.

My spiritual life has been, to be honest, just okay. There’s always room for improvement when it comes to this, and it’s so hard to stick to the daily devotional even though I have like all the time in the world after work. But it’s never easy. I definitely need to pick up my Bible more than I have been, and pray more often. The school year is fast approaching and good gracious, I am excited, but I feel so unprepared! Something to talk to my Heavenly Father about 🙂

Speaking of the school year, I need to keep reading the Shakespeare plays for my Shakespeare class and also try to keep writing some fiction before I have no time to write what I want to. 


Ahh, one thing I love about summer is the fun of making a SUMMER PLAYLIST. I used to make it on iTunes, but I don’t have money to continually buy songs, so I like making my playlists on Spotify now (especially since I took advantage of Spotify’s Summer Special and paid only one month’s worth of Premium for 3 months! :D)

Hmm…out of all the songs on my playlist, I’d have to say these are my current Top 5:
  1. “Maps” by Maroon 5 – I was just scrolling through some of my favorite artists and clicked on Maroon 5 just to see if they had released anything new. And they did. The first time I listened to it, I wasn’t too impressed. But as I continued to listen to it, it grew on me. Now? I’ve got that song on repeat! It just sounds like a summer song to me, ya know? And Adam Levine? Who doesn’t love that man’s voice??
  2. “What’s Best For You” by Trey Songz – Like sappy love songs? Well, you’ll like this song! The lyrics to this song are so sweet, they just make me happy! I usually don’t like listening to love songs too much, but this one has definitely been my slow jam this summer!
  3. “Rude” by Magic! – Okay, so I realize I may be a little late in discovering this song. I only found out about it, what, two weeks ago when some family friends were visiting and one of them wanted me to turn up the radio when this song came on so he could sing along. This song is a super chill love song with that reggae vibe. I like to listen to it when I’m relaxing, cooling down/stretching at the gym, or just reminiscing about memories with those family friends (midnight runs to McDonald’s and hanging out at the Overlook. Good times!) 
  4. “Chandelier” by Sia – This song is just fun. Not to mention, every time I listen to it, I can hear one of my friends singing it in his super-deep voice (“CHANDELIIEEEEEEER!”) Such great memories 🙂 But yes, this song just gets me motivated, makes me feel like I can do anything. I don’t know. Just seems like another summer song!
  5. “Break Free” by Ariana Grande feat. Zedd – I get a “girl power” type feel from this song. Ariana talks about “breaking free” from a guy after they break up. As a single person, I can’t relate, but just the “breaking free” part sounds, well, freeing. I love blasting this song in the car with the windows down, my sunglasses on. Yet again, another summer song!!!

The Word

Well, I’ve already confessed that I haven’t been doing too well in my spiritual walk lately. However, I am well into the book of Joshua, farther than I expected. 

***Side note: Joshua is a longer book than I thought it was. I seriously thought it was only like ten chapters at most, but in fact, it’s twenty-four chapters long. Crazyyyy.

So, yes, I’ve been going through that book, slowly but surely. There are certain chapters that have all the action with the battles and the conquering of kings and such…and then there are the chapters that talk about the plots of land that each tribe of Israel got. I’m not gonna say the Bible is boring because there’s a reason those records are there, but I’m not going to sit here and lie to you and tell you that I was 100% ecstatic to read about the tribe of Levi inheriting the land “from this mountain all the way to this river.”


Well, if you’ve been keeping up with my REVAMP segment, I’ve been reviewing lots of shorts and tanks since it’s SUMMER TIME and those are my favorite things to wear. Don’t worry, I’m gonna try to show you things other than that, especially when the season starts to change to fall. 

I won’t go into too much detail about style since I have my REVAMP segment for that haha 😉


Sadly, nothing. Ohp! Wait! I guess technically I created the whole “revamp” blog segment thing, so that’s one thing. As for things like painting or sewing or gluing…nada. 😦 I really need to get to a craft store and buy some canvases and paint because I want to paint more Bible verses on them and stuff for other people (or for my dorm room). 

What I’m Watching

Like I said before, I’ve been watching a lot of horror/scary movies. Weird, right? I never was the type to watch those kinds of movies, but one of my friends wanted us to watch some since we were all together and it’s just better to watch a scary movie in a group than by yourself. Some of them actually weren’t that scary and had good endings (movies like The Awakening and The Others were so good. I totally recommend them!)

But then we watched Insidious…and Insidious Chapter 2…and those movies…if you can’t take scary movies in general, I wouldn’t recommend them. I screamed so much. I had a headache after watching those movies. 😛 Not fun.

***SIDE NOTE: Am I the only one who thinks they should put Criminal Minds on Netflix??? I mean, geez, so many people love that show, and you’d think they’d have it, but NO. I just wanna get caught up, I’m like 3 seasons behind *cries*.


Here and now I am…in my bedroom writing up this blog after a long-awaited coffee date with a friend from school and listening to “Tonight I’m Getting Over You” by Carly Ray Jepsen (this song was from my Summer 2013 playlist. I still love it!) I think I’m just gonna chill for the rest of tonight. Maybe even go to bed early! (Or I could work on the Revamp post that’s going to go up at some point this weekend LOL).

Mmm, sweet tea…one of the best drinks on the face of this earth! 🙂 I hope you all enjoyed catching up with me and my crazy life. I just realized a couple of things today:
  1. I need to start SHOPPING…for SCHOOL. I shed a few invisible tears as I realized that the school year is fast approaching..which means I need new clothes for work (things like nice jeans and blouses and skirts) and text books (*cries* those dreaded things that cost a fortune but are barely used half the time!).
  2. ONE MONTH. As of today, I have exactly ONE MONTH until I move into my dorm room, stop working for facilities, and start actively being an O-Team leader (Orientation leader! Aaaahhhh!) I can’t believe how fast this summer has gone by. You know what, I’m not gonna even think about it…
So yeah, things are blazing by, and I have responsibilities to fulfill.

Speaking of responsibilities, I have jury duty in like, one week. Pray that I don’t get picked so I can spend a relaxing week back home on the beach instead! 😀

luv ya!
~ Mishy. (^^) ❤

Sweet Tea #5

Hey guys!

Taking a slight study break right now to start this post. By the time I finish it, though, I’ll hopefully be back in my room chillin’ out from a hard days work. So hand me your glass and I’ll pour you some Sweet Tea… 🙂

My Life

Currently, I’m in the library trying to read and write my butt off. The end of the semester is near with like 3.5 weeks left. And I am TOO EXCITED for the summer. To be honest, my mind is already fantasizing about summer. I have a job at my school lined up, some of my closest friends are staying, I’ll get to hang out with my girls in the neighborhood (Patsy, Anna, and Meg), summer is just THE BEST TIME EVER.

I’m struggling with trying to be present here and now and trying to use the time that I have diligently. I want to be grateful for this time in my life and not let it slip away from me, because I won’t get it back. But it’s so difficult, guys. This past week was probably one of the least productive weeks I’ve had. There didn’t seem to be anything important due, but still, I could’ve used some of that free time to get started on other papers and assignments due. What did I do instead? Nothing.

It was pretty relaxing though, I’m not going to lie. I felt like that was the first time I was able to have some “me” time to just take a breather before the hurricane of homework and finals hits. Of course, at the back of my mind, I was thinking about all the things that were coming up, but I was enjoying the free time that I had and it was pretty awesome.

Last night was Spring Formal, and despite my plans to have a GNO (Girls Night Out) with tha SHAWTIES, I actually got asked by my friend Jimmy last Sunday night. So, my plans switched from GNO to Spring Formal. I will admit, it was kind of stressful to figure out what I was gonna wear, how I was gonna do my hair, if I was gonna put on makeup or not (because, let’s be real, I’m a a naturale girl. I’m not really into all that makeup stuff).

But last night was so much fun. Jimmy and I are friends, but we aren’t too close, and last night was such a great opportunity to get to know him more. He’s a really great friend, and I felt totally comfortable hanging out with him. It was really nice.

Yeah, not a lot going on right now. Just the busyness of a semester coming to a close!


I’ve been listening to a mixture of things lately. I’m really excited because EXO is making a comeback on April 15 with their new single “Overdose”!!! (^^) I just watched the teaser today and cried. Cried. #fangirlprobz

But here are the top 5 tunes I’ve been listening to…
  1. “I Don’t Care if You’re Contagious” by Pierce the Veil – I am constantly discovering songs from Pierce the Veil that I never listen to, and once I listen to it once, I get hooked. This being one of them. I love Pierce the Veil in general, so this shouldn’t be a surprise that one of their songs has made it onto my Tunes section LOL
  2. “Who’s That Chick?” by David Guetta (feat. Rihanna) – This song is old (like 2010 or something), but I just discovered it during spring break when I was doing homework and this song popped onto my Songza. This song has an awesome beat to it, which is the main reason why I love it. All the stuff about “friends kissing on the floor” and whatnot…unnecessary, in my opinion. My favorite part of this song? “I just wanna daaaaaaaaance, I don’t really caaaaaaaaare.”
  3. “Tunnel Vision” by Justin Timberlake – I give Bria full credit for introducing this song to me. Why didn’t we discover this song sooner? It was a part of JT’s original album The 20/20 Experience that came out last year! How did it not make it on the radio? You know, sometimes JT’s songs have tons of sexual references and stuff, but this song is straight up LEGIT! Seriously, watch it go on the radio this summer or this fall. It’s the jam. Listen to it!!
  4. “Nightmare” by New Heights (feat. Brian Joo) – I’m pretty sure I found this song because it came up as an ad on my Spotify. And I liked the chorus a lot, so I clicked on it. And I’ve been listening to it a lot lately. The song’s about a typical subject: guy and girl, guy thinks the relationship he had with this girl was a nightmare (*hint, hint*), so he’s singing this song to let her know. I think I like it so much because the chorus is catchy. I’ve never heard of New Heights before, so they must be one of those rising bands or something. But, check it out if you’re interested!
  5. “Last One You Love” (Acoustic) by Breathe Electric – Oh man. This song though! I don’t even know what the original song sounds like, but this acoustic song is SO FREAKIN’ GOOD. It’s super sweet, something I’d consider dancing to at my wedding one day. I found this song when I clicked on “Related Artists” and saw Breathe Electric there. They sounded kinda cool so I checked them out. And found this song. Just listen to it, it’s so great!

The Word

So lately, I’ve been reading in Romans. In fact, I’m pretty sure this Monday I’m going to be finishing the last chapter. I’m so glad I decided to read this book. It’s been really refreshing and comforting to read about Christ’s sacrifice and living life in the Spirit. The Lord has definitely shown me so much through this book!

Pastor Ritchie said something in church last week that really struck me and stuck with me as I continued to read my Bible. He said that we shouldn’t expect for God to speak to us through the Bible about what’s going on in our lives all the time. It doesn’t mean He can’t, but it doesn’t mean He always will

And so I kept that in mind, and realized that, even if what I read didn’t pertain to my life and where I am right now, I was still spending time with my heavenly Father, and that was totally worth it! 🙂

Not sure what book I’ll go onto next. If you have any suggestions, shoot me an email or tweet at me!


Hmmm…what to wear, what to wear…

Well, mountain weather, lemme tell you, is the most complicated weather on the face of this earth. In the morning, it’ll feel like January. By midday, you’re changing into shorts. By dinner time, you have to pull on the jeans and hoodie and braid your hair because it started to rain…as in thunderstorm. Weather up here is crazy!

Thankfully, though, the weather has been sunny and nice these past few days. So, I’d have to say my favorite piece of clothing right now are shorts, shorts, and more shorts! I love being able to go outside with shorts and a tank and NO HOODIE WHATSOEVER (don’t get me wrong, I love hoodies…but not when it should be spring time).


*Sigh* oh to be creative again…

Well, I guess I could count my creative writing piece for my final project in Intro to Creative Writing. It has to be a minimum of 10 pages, and I am nervous as heck to write it. That’s the life of a writer sometimes. Being so afraid to write what’s on your mind and in your heart and being afraid of people critiquing it that you just sit there, staring at the computer screen, headphones in, wondering how the heck you’re going to be able to get ten pages of wonderfully written, concrete detailed stuff out.

Pretty intense, if you ask me.

What I’m Watching

LOL, well, don’t you laugh at me when I tell you what I just started watching today with Bria…

You see, Taylor, Caylin, and Bria have been watchign Pretty Little Liars for a while. I’ll hop in on an episode or two, and sometimes it’s pretty interesting, but sometimes ABC Family shows are way too dramatic for me. 

But Bria told me I should watch Bob’s Burgers…and I watched a few episodes with her…

And can I say…that show makes me go, “WHAT THE HECK?” every time, but Bria was right: it’s so stupid it’s hilarious.

So until the second season of Twisted comes on Netflix, looks like Bob’s Burger’s will be entertaining me as my study breaks for the next few weeks!


Here and now I am…writing this blog, procrastinating on some reading (*kicking myself*), just got back from Catacombs Folk Fest (listened to Levi the Poet. Shout out to him! That dude is too legit! What a blessing!), and after this, I’ll probably get in some comfy clothes and I should do laundry, but I’ll probably end up watching Bob’s Burgers or something LOL.

So there ya have it! The fifth round of Sweet Tea!

Y’all, we are so close to the end of the school year. The home stretch. Definitely gonna be depending on the Lord for motivation to finish this school year strong. I’ll be praying for all of us, whether we’re in college or in high school, middle school, whatever it is and wherever we are, that God will give us all grace and that we’d rely on Him to get through the next month or few weeks left of school. 

He has us! He cares for us! And we are His!

~ Mishy (^^) ❤

Sweet Tea #4

Hey again!

I know, I posted not too long ago (like yesterday), but this is to make up for all the weeks or months or however long I didn’t post this semester. Let’s have another round of Sweet Tea, shall we? 🙂

My Life

So far, hectic. These past couple of weeks I’ve been hard at work studying and writing all kinds of papers (short stories, poems, responses, bibliographies, news stories, feature stories, etc.). It’s been really challenging to write in such different ways, but I’m glad that I’m growing in my writing and just in my study habits in general. 

Tonight, my hall did a little scavenger hunt event with a guys hall from a different dorm building on campus. It was really fun to get to know some guys I’d never met before, and they were really great to hang out with. And there was a dessert reception afterwards. Yuuumm…

But yeah, life is going. There’s been a balance of good times and rough patches this semester already, but God has been faithful in just teaching me so many things and allowing me to grow in faith. I’ve actually been attending counseling sessions for the past few weeks, just so I can get my thoughts and feelings out in the open and hear feedback from a professional. 

And so far, it’s been so amazing. Every time I leave, I feel like I’ve learned something new about myself and I’ve also learned how to change things in my life that need changing. It’s been so refreshing to get a different perspective on my life and to see the way I think and  react to things change.

I’m currently trying to learn that, yes, I can care for those I love when I have the opportunity and resources to do that, but I have to take care of myself too. My counselor told me this analogy: the heart pumps blood through the entire body, but in order for it to do that, it has to pump blood into itself first. So basically, in order for me to invest in other people,  I need to invest in myself first. Not to a point where I become prideful, but I just need some me time: drinking coffee or tea, watching some Netflix, writing, reading, napping.

I’m really excited to start paying attention to just treating myself every once in a while for at least 30 minutes!


WHEW! I have been listening to A LOT of things lately! I feel like every week I find a new artist that I’m just absolutely in love with! So, I’ll just pick a few of my recent favorite artists to rave about!

1. You Me At Six – umm, how have I never listened to this band before? I remember last semester Bria had mentioned them to me and I’d listened to them a little bit, but I was so absorbed with Pierce the Veil, Sleeping with Sirens, and Mayday Parade that I kind of just fell of the train. This British pop-punk band is too good! They recently released a new album called Cavalier Youth and I am just IN LOVE with it! My favorite songs from this album are “Too Young to Feel This Old”, “Forgive and Forget”, “Fresh Start Fever”, “Win Some, Lose Some”, “Cold Night”, “Be Who You Are”, “Carpe Diem”, and “Champagne Wishes”! Such great music and lyrics! Definitely check them out when you get the chance! And their acoustic song “Starry Eyed”…*sigh* so great!

2. Royal Pirates – I actually discovered this Korean-American rock band through f(x)’s Amber’s Instagram account. She had made a video of her watching Royal Pirates’ Drawing the Line MV and then she went to a whiteboard and drew a line. I thought the video was hilarious, but I was really interested in the music on the video. So I looked them up and realized that they’d released a small E.P. called Shout Out in 2013 and that they had recently released their first official mini album Drawing the Line and, like with You Me At Six, I fell in love with their style of music. It was like KPOP, only with a rock twist to it. Favorite songs by them so far: “You”, “Drawing the Line” (both the Korean and English versions), “Shout Out”, and “On My Mind”. “Fly to You” is growing on me right now too, actually. Seriously, go check them out too!

3. This Century – So, Bria is slightly peeved, I think, that I’m just now listening to this band because apparently she tried to get me to listen to them last semester. Like I said, I was so stuck on Pierce the Veil and company that I didn’t feel like I needed new music introduced to me. But this punk band is really good. Their latest album Biography of Heartbreak released in 2013, and it is simply delightful! My favorite song of all time on that album is “Slow Dance Night.” Other songs I really like from that album are “Love Killer”, “Biography of Hearbreak”, “Bleach Blonde”, “Fool’s Game”, “Skeletons”, and “Sideways”. 

4. We Are The In Crowd – If you like Paramore, I think you’ll like this pop-punk band. I was actually shocked to hear a girl’s voice when I started listening to them, but oh my word, the lead vocalists Taylor Jardine (also the keyboardist) and Jordan Eckes (also the guitarist) sing the best duets ever. They also just released an album called Weird Kids, and it is just ROCKIN’! Favorite songs: “The Best Thing (That Never Happened)”, “Manners”, “Attention”, “Remember (To Forget You)”, “Don’t You Worry”, and “Reflections”. 

5. “Favorite Girl” by The Icarus Account – okay, I didn’t flat out say that The Icarus Account was my favorite band because honestly, I’ve only been listening to this one song for the past few weeks. It was featured on the Snapchat Valentine’s Day video, and after hearing the small snippet, I decided to check it out. Still don’t regret that decision. This song is super sappy sweet, which I haven’t usually been into, but this song is so happy-go-lucky, shoot, how can I not listen to it on the weekends? 😀

The Word

So, I’ve been getting up an hour earlier than I need to in order to do my devotions at breakfast. But this past week has been awful when it comes to my Bible study time. I could explain a million things going on in my life and tell you the excuses I have for not really getting deep into the Word, but I won’t. I’ll just say that I’ve been struggling lately.

But, when I do read my Bible, I’m reading the Proverb of the day and I’m going through the book of 2 Corinthians again. I just LOVE that book, and I’m wanting to use the inductive Bible study method my pastor taught us a couple of weeks ago. I’ve slightly done it, but I want to be able to bring my journal in at breakfast and fully focus on what I’m reading and studying.

Challenge for next week: truly start the inductive method Bible study! 🙂


Jackets, hoodies, and coats galore! It’s been SO COLD on the mountain (I mean, we had three or four snow days, for crying out loud!) Last week, the weather started warming up a little, so I started wearing a t-shirt hear and there. I even wore my new mint green vest with the golden spikes on the shoulder blades one day…

But then this week, winter decided to come back again. 😦 I’m really hoping that spring weather comes to stay soon!


Well, in regards to arts and crafts, I’m creating nothing. But I have been writing A TON because of my creative writing and journalism classes. The assignment I turned in for today was a fairy tale re-written in modern times. I chose Aladdin and actually got into it. I want to continue it!!! 🙂 Maybe I’ll work on that…

What I’m Watching

Oh man, guys. 

Well, during the snow days, Netflix was me and my friends drug. We watched so much TV it was ridiculous. Yes, we still got homework done, but shoot, when we had a free hour or so, we watched shows.

We started Bates Motel and finished the whole first season. Thankfully, the second season is starting up in March! 😀

Then, Taylor, Hannah (a hallmate of mine), and me started watching Twisted, but Taylor and Hannah lost interest in it after the first episode. I decided to give it another chance and watched the second episode. And the third. And then last weekend I finished the entire first season. And the second season is playing on ABC Family every Tuesday at 8 or 9pm. AND I’M MISSING IT! :/

Oh well, hopefully Netflix won’t take too long to put season 2 up! It is so freakin’ good! I’m not going to even try to explain both of those shows. They are just way too deep to be explained. I encourage you to watch them for yourself and see what you think!

I will warn you, Bates Motel is not a happy show. There is so much depravity within it and it truly does depict how Norman Bates of Alfred Hithcock’s famous Psycho film became the way he was. There are some disturbing and somewhat graphic images. Just warning ya.


Here and now I am…trying to finish this post before midnight! So it still counts for February! So you won’t mind if I just finish this post, like, right now without officially signing off, right? Sweet!

~ Mishy. (^^) ❤

Sweet Tea #3…Part 3

‘Sup y’all?! Here’s the final piece of Sweet Tea #3!!!!

It’s been a really good weekend. I did a ton of relaxing, and barely any homework. Trust me, I’ll be getting to that after this post is up! But the past couple of days have been foggy and rainy, so my motivation level has been pretty low. 

But my family was here yesterday and I got to spend some good quality time with my parents yesterday and today. And I was invited by a friend of mine to his hall event called Snazzy Saturday, so I got to enjoy some time with him and his hallmates and their dates. 

Anyways, lemme wrap this up!


Hmm…not sure if I’ve created anything recently. Well, I dabbled a little at a story I’ve been working on since my junior year of high school. I really wish I could put a lot of time into it (okay, technically I could have put some time into it instead of sleeping today, but the rain makes me sleepy!) I guess if I were to count my Drawing 1 class, I’ve been drawing a lot (and improving so much in shading and value and things like that) which is really encouraging!

What I’m Watching

Oh man, guys…Bria has gotten me into New Girl lately. If we’ve had a rough day or if it’s the weekend and we wanna have some bestie time, we watch New Girl. I love how Jess (played by Zooey Deschanel) is so quirky and awkward and hilarious. All of the characters portray reality so well. Well, okay, the fact that she’s one girl living with three single guys and then starts dating one and everyone’s totally okay with that isn’t realistic. But for a TV show, it makes for one crazy ride!

I don’t approve of all the content of the show, such as the sleeping around and some of the worldviews that the characters have aren’t right. But it truly shows the brokenness of our world today. I do, however, love how all three of the guys are willing to protect Jess and treat her as if she were their little sister. 

And last night I watched Scott Pilgrim vs. the World for the first time ever. I thought it was great! Again, don’t agree with some of the content, but the fact that Scott was willing to defeat all 7 of Ramona’s exes because he loved her so much was great. And I do like how the movie made a twist and how it wasn’t even about how much he loved Ramona, but about how he needed to have respect for himself and realize his mistakes toward his friends and his ex-girlfriend.


Here and now I am…sitting at my desk, typing this blog out (OBVIO.) and listening to Parachute’s first album Losing Sleep as my roomie Taylor and Ellie watch Contagion. Bria just came into my room after being off the mountain. And I’m trying to get the motivation to do my homework after this 😛 LOL

Well, there ya have it! Whew, feels good to stretch out my fingers over my keyboard and communicate to my lovely readers once again! I’m truly sorry for the lack of posts, but college is, well, college and I’ve been super busy! I’m pretty sure I’ll be making another post, if not in the next week and half, right after that I’ll be on Thanksgiving Break!!! So, hopefully posts galore!!! 😀

Love y’all and praying for y’all so much! Thank you for being patient with me through this rough semester. The Lord is faithful, and I am positive, no matter what, that He will sustain me! 🙂 I encourage you before you get out of bed every morning to ask the Lord to help you depend on Him for everything that day. You’ll be amazed at how much He can strengthen you!


*~.Mishy.~* (^^) ❤

Sweet Tea #3…Part 2

Hey y’all! Sweet Tea post #3 Part 2 COMIN’ ATCHA! 😀

Yeah, I realize that technically it’s Saturday and not Friday (forgive me. I was distracted by comfy clothes, The Walking Dead, friends, and tea). But I am here nonetheless! Now that you’ve been updated on most of my life, now to take care of the other pieces of me…


Oh man. SO MUCH great music has been played through my beautiful blue headphones and blasted at dance parties. It amazes me how much music is a big part of my life. I listen to it in the morning, when I’m taking a shower, or when I’m changing an outfit or making coffee.

*Sigh* It’s gonna be hard to compact the music I’ve been listening to in five songs. But I think I can manage. Let’s see, what have I been listening to lately…

  1. “Love Song” by Royal Tailor – I LOVE this song!!! I never really listened to Royal Tailor that much, but I found out that they just recently released their self-titled album, so I decided to check it out. And this song, oh man…it pulls at my heartstrings. It’s definitely a love song, but it talks of the love of Jesus and how we should listen and want to hear Jesus’ love song to us. It’s definitely a catchy song that gets stuck in my head throughout the day. So positive and encouraging!
  2. “Oceans (Where Feet May Fail)” by Hillsong United – Y’all…I heard this song for like maybe the first or second time at my church last Sunday…and was just overcome by how closely I could relate to the lyrics of this song. It’s a beautiful song about trust, calling to our Lord and Savior, and truly relying and resting in Him “when oceans rise.” It’s an 8 minute and 56 second song, but oh, how it pierces my heart and convicts me!
  3. “Hush Hush” by Avril Lavigne – I didn’t even know Avril Lavigne was still making music, but sure enough she is! I can still remember her “Complicated” days…but yeah, this song is very simple, but has a lullaby effect. I think I like it so much because it really expresses how I’ve felt a few times in the past due to some unfortunate experiences. And really, what I told myself was that I shouldn’t ask questions (even though I had so many), but I should just be silent. And I remained silent, until I finally couldn’t take it any longer and cried out to my God for strength because I could no longer stay in the silence of my depressed state. Good song. Totally relatable.
  4. “The Way” by Ariana Grande – Does anyone else think that Ariana Grande has an amazing voice that brings them back to the Ashanti days?(Does anyone even know who Ashanti is anymore?) I love the feel of her music and just how much it makes me wanna dance. This is definitely a song I jam out to a lot. 
  5. “Sippin’ on Sunshine” by Avril Lavigne – another Avril Lavigne song. Seriously, this song just bursts with happiness. I long for spring or summer days every single time I listen to it! Another great jammin’ song. This song and “The Way” are definitely songs I do my hair to LOL

The Word

  • What I’ve been reading: I read Psalm 3 first, the Proverb of the day, and right now, I’m bouncing around in the New Testament on which book I should read. I want to read John, but then I also want to read Romans and I also want to dig back into Hebrews again because it was a challenge for me to read it during the summer because it was a little hard for me to understand. So many books to choose from!
  • Why I’m reading it: Well, I read Psalm 3 first because one day, I called Pa because I was having a breakdown. I cried and explained my frustrations and struggles and he read me Psalm 3:1-5. I brought my Bible out and read along with him, the tears returning to my eyes. Being read this psalm really encouraged me and reminded me how much the Lord sustains me. A peace in my heart settled in so well. And I normally try to read the Proverb of the day to get some bits of wisdom from good ole King Solomon. 
  • What I’ve learned so far: Just being reminded daily that “the LORD sustains me” is SUCH A MAJOR LESSON FOR ME. Like I said, I am just like Israel in that i am continuously falling back into my sin and relying on myself and other things to make me happy or to fix my problems, when God is right beside me, asking that I just surrender and allow Him to sustain me. It’s still a battle to remember to submit every morning, but it truly is a great way to start the day!


So, the mountain weather is as bi-polar as usual. It will be FREEZING COLD, then sort of chilly, to the sun shining, and then as the evening settles in, it gets colder, the fog will stop by, it’ll rain, and then the temperature will drop again…ALL IN ONE DAY!!!! So, what is my favorite piece of clothing right now? I’d have to say sweaters or just long-sleeved tees. I am a bit limited on what I have, but it’s a big enough variety to where something different every day and every week. Stripes, plaid, black and white, pink, “I ❤ CA" text, you name it! They're definitely keeping me warm in this period of weird weather transition!

Hooray! Another blog post completed! \(^^)/

And, oh my word, I just looked at the time and saw that it’s about 1am. I was supposed to be in bed an hour ago because I gotta get up early to have breakfast with my sister and Grandpa at Cracker Barrel tomorrow morning! (YUM.)

So, I gotta go! Love and blessings to you all! Enjoy your weekend!!!!!

love ya!
*~.Mishy.~* (^^) ❤