REVAMP ’14! #4

What up, what up?!

I hope y’all have had a great weekend so far! My weekend’s been great: this has been the first full-weekend I’ve had in like 3 weeks. Nothing but R&R and hanging out with friends and such!

So there wasn’t a REVAMP post last week due to my life’s craziness and extreme exhaustion, but I am here to make sure there is one for this week! 😀 Let’s get started…

Caylin’s EP Outfit

In a few previous posts, I think I mentioned that Caylin will be recording an EP soon. She’s recording it this week, in fact!! And recently, she did a photo shoot for it, and I have to say that I think the pictures look great! We’ll only be focusing on one outfit that she wore though, so here it is:

At some point this summer, I exclaimed, “VA-VA-VOOM!” to express something that was fabulous. That exclamation totally applies here! For the revamp, Caylin wanted to focus on her leggings and jacket.

The leggings she’s wearing are from Target. I checked the online price and it is currently $12. I need to hop on getting some leggings myself! 🙂

Her denim jacket with faux leather sleeves is from Belk. The current online price is $50

I don’t know about you, but just seeing this picture for Caylin’s EP is getting me even more excited for the EP itself! (^^)

Bria’s Black Drapey Shorts

Ooooo, drapey shorts…

TBH, I thought this was a skirt when I first saw the picture! (^^’)

Here’s what Bria thinks about them:

Alright, so these shorts are fun. I like to wear them with a tucked in shirt and a belt. They’re comfortable, and they’re from Old Navy. But, the material wrinkles very easily.  They’re part of the Revamp because I needed some new shorts. Sorry, I don’t have an actual picture of a whole outfit.

I did a little research and saw that the current online price for these shorts are $24.97 and they actually come in 3 different styles: blackjack, navy paisley, and teal print. Bria owns them in blackjack. 

My Flower-Printed Romper and Black Wedge-Heels

This romper is just too cute. I remember seeing these and thinking to myself that I could never pull one off. But after seeing so many people of different shapes and sizes wear them, I decided I could at least try one out. So I bought this flower-printed romper at Forever21. And I love it! It’s a little formal, but still comfy, a great item to wear if you’re going out with some friends and you wanna dress up but not be too fancy. The wedge heels were a must for me because ***confession time: I’m the type of girl that just cannot walk in heels. Ask Bria. She’s tried coaching me in the art of high-heel walking whenever we have the chance to wear heels, and I’ve gotten it down slightly, but not fully. I do wish I could walk in heels, but they’re just not my type. So! Wedges are my next option if I wanna wear a formal shoe, be able to walk normally, be comfortable and still add some height. And these wedges are perfect for all of those things! They are Mossimo Supply & Co. size 6.5 Sylvia black wedges from Target

Small little thing I learned with this whole revamp thing: I buy my shoes a half-size too big. Or at least, I used to until I realized that buying a size 6.5 shoe instead of a size 7 fit me better! I have one foot that fits a 6.5 shoe and the other one fits a 7 shoe, but size 6.5 seems to be better for both in the case of these wedge heels. I’ll have to see what I have to do when I buy Converse… 🙂

Another REVAMP post for the books! I hope that these posts have been interesting for you and have given you another perspective of my life! I’m still looking for more people to join in on this, so please, if you’re interested in being featured in these posts, email me!!!! The “Contact Me” forum on the top right is available! Or shoot me an email to ! I’d love to see more of my readers/followers get involved in this! It doesn’t matter if you’re doing a revamp or not. If you love what you wear or are planning on changing your style, you can be a part of the REVAMP posts! 😀

I, of course, plan on posting another one of these next weekend, but if it doesn’t happen, don’t be alarmed. I’ll be doing some traveling and may be too exhausted to get a post in, but I will definitely try my hardest!

Hope everyone’s weekend was fantastic and that this week proves to be even more so!

luv ya!
~ Mishy (^^) ❤

REVAMP ’14! #3: 4th of July Edition

Hey guys!

*sigh* this whole staying on schedule thing is harder than I thought it would be! I know I didn’t post anything “revamp-ish” this past Friday, mostly because it was the Fourth of July and I had my family and some awesome family friends over and basically this week has been a HUGE BLUR. It was awesome and fun, but man, as soon as everyone left this morning, everything was so quiet. And all the nights of staying up late caught up to me.

So, today was a semi-lazy day. That “semi-” prefix is there because I eventually got out of the house (thanks to my friend Michael and McDonald’s).


Welcome to REVAMP ’14!: Fourth of July Edition! We’re gonna take a look at a couple of Fourth of July outfits that me and Caylin wore to celebrate the independence of our great nation! 🙂

Shall we get started?

Caylin’s Paisly Patterned Top

Umm, first of all, beautiful picture of one of the SHAWTIES! Just sayin’! 😀 And I love, love, LOVE this top! It’s totally flattering to Caylin’s figure!

Here’s what she had to say about it:

“I was immediately drawn to this shirt. I saw it at Target and especially loved the fact that it had longer sleeves, but still looked feminine. he sunglasses are Ray Bans and I think they are nice because they spice up an outfit.”

My Anchors Away Tank and Patterned Shorts

LOL, don’t mind my crazy sister and friend in the background 🙂

My tank is from Kohl’s. They had all their spring/summer stuff out, and I saw this and knew that I had to have it. Can’t remember how much I paid for it, but it’s definitely one of my faves! I’ve always worn well-fitted tanks, but I love the flowiness of this tank!

You can kinda see the pattern of my shorts. If you take a quick glance, it looks like a tye dye pattern, but it’s not, and it’s not a paisley pattern either. It’s some sort of fancy pattern, and on each leg, it’s a little ripped or shredded. They came from Forever21, and I’m pretty sure they were on sale since I wasn’t able to use the 20% coupon they were passing out in the store (’twas tragic, really).

My stepdad kind of made me realize this, but my outfit has the perfect red, white, and blue balance. And yes, you read that right: my stepdad noticed how much work I put into this outfit for the Fourth (probably because he’s been reading the past few REVAMP posts haha). I subconsciously thought of all of this: do I have enough blue? Is there too much red? Should I go with dark shorts or light shorts since I don’t really have a lot of blue, but I don’t have any white? These are the questions that must be asked when picking an outfit for an event such as the Fourth of July.

But that concludes the 4th of July edition of REVAMP ’14! Remember, if you’re participating in the Revamp, or if you really like your style and are wanting to be a part of the blog, contact me in the contact box at the top right-hand corner of the blog. Send me your name; your age; the piece of clothing or whatever you want to share; and a short description of what it is, why you bought it/why it’s a part of your revamp, where you got it from, and how much it is. You don’t have to be doing an “official” revamp, but if ya love the clothes you wear, then share them with us! We’d love to hear from you!!

Well, there ya go. Two days late on the revamp post this time. So sorry for the wait! I’ll try harder this week to get it done by Friday, but I won’t make any promises! 

Hope everyone’s fourth of July weekend was good! It’s JULY already. That is so crazy to me! Summer goes by way too fast for my liking, but I’m gonna enjoy every day I have left, even if I do have to go to work LOL.

Praying that you all have an amazing week!

luv ya!
*~.Mishy.~* (^^) ❤

REVAMP ’14! #2

What up?!

First of all, I’m sorry that this post is dropping on a Saturday instead of a Friday, but wow, life completely took over this week. From house/dog/cat-sitting to more cat-sitting, to picking up a car from a shop, to picking up a friend from the other side of town, to finally getting some time to hangout…

Whew. I am pretty worn out. 

Anyways, let’s get this post going!

I’m continuing my Revamp segment this week (If you missed it, check it out HERE!), this time with Caylin included! Today we’ll be looking at Bria’s maxi skirt, Caylin’s two-patterned outfit, and my yellow and black Aztec print tank.

Bria’s Maxi Skirt

This time, Bria herself is modeling her maxi skirt

And this is what she had to say about it:

“Alright, this asymmetrical maxi skirt is really just a lot of fun. There’s a lot of material so it’s fun to walk around in. But, since I’m a short person, the skirt is incredibly long on me, and I have to roll it a couple of times or it would drag on the ground. It’s from H&M, and I don’t remember the price.”

I’m short too, so I know the struggle about long, flow-y gowns and maxi dresses/skirts. But Bria makes it work for her, and it looks great on her, don’t you think? 🙂

Caylin’s Outfit

Here’s Caylin (with her sister Corinne on the left and and their cousin Ally in the middle) wearing her cute two-patterned outfit:

Sorry, the picture is kinda bright so you probably can’t see the pattern on her pants. But there are pineapples on them. Here’s a better picture of them up-close:

Caylin wanted to point out the fact that, right now, wearing two different patterns in one outfit is in. Personally, when I heard about this little trend, it wasn’t very appealing to me. But after seeing Caylin wear this outfit, my opinion has definitely changed! This is a nice, bright summer outfit. The pineapples on her pants just remind me of summer!

Her pineapple pants came from Belk and are currently on sale for $16.99. And her blue tye-dye tank came from TJ-Maxx (I couldn’t find the exact shirt online, but I found a similar one in a lighter blue for $19.99).

My Tribal-Printed Tank

So, here I am wearing my yellow and black tribal-printed tank:

I really love this tank! Bria was always into the tribal-print, and I decided to try it. And it ended up being a top that I really like to wear and is perfect for those sunny days! It was also perfect for the Cinco de Mayo “Exam Cram” my school put on! Normally, I’d just wear some black, strappy sandals to go with this outfit!

I bought this shirt at Forever21, but I can’t remember the price. I’m pretty sure I got it on sale though! 😀

Well, there you have it! My second REVAMP ’14! post! I hope you know that the offer to feature anyone who is doing a revamp of their own style is STILL OPEN! Seriously, if you have an awesome shirt or a pair of pants or some sweet kicks you want to share with me and the other readers/followers of this blog EMAIL ME! You can contact me using the “Contact Me! :)” forum on the top-right side of the blog!  

***Make sure that if you do contact me, you include your name; your age; the piece of clothing or whatever you want to share; and a short description of what it is, why you bought it/why it’s a part of your revamp, where you got it from, and how much it is.

I’ll pick one or two people to feature in the REVAMP posts each week. I’m TOTALLY SERIOUS about y’all joining in on this REVAMP blog segment! I’d like some awesome participation from all of my readers so you can be featured on my blog! (^^) You don’t want to just see what me, Bria, and Caylin have to offer, right? It’d be nice to see some variety in style from y’all!

Okay, gotta go! I hope y’all felt inspired by this week’s REVAMP post, and that you’ll revamp your own style to what you want it to be! 

Have a blessed rest of your weekend!

luv ya!
*~.Mishy.~* (^^) ❤

REVAMP ’14! #1

Welcome to the first post ever of my new blog segment REVAMP ’14!

This week, Bria’s going to show us a pair of leggings, and I’ll be sharing a complete outfit of mine that I recently bought. Caylin is absent from this post because she was busy attending Camp Electric for the week and she’s probably really busy still and very tired. But she will definitely participate in next week’s post!

Let’s get started, shall we? 🙂

Bria’s Leggings

Here’s a picture of the leggings Bria has (***the girl wearing the leggings isn’t Bria. Just FYI, LOL):

And this is what Bria has to say about these awesome-looking leggings:

“These leggings are comfortable, like leggings normally are, and when I saw the birds on the side, I waned them instantly. I guess that’s why they’re a part of the revamp. For me, the revamp isn’t about changing my style; it’s about wearing my style. Buying clothes that I actually like instead of letting people tell me what I should be wearing based on what they like or how they expect me to look. Anyway, these leggings are actually thicker than I thought they were going to be, so they’re even more perfect for snow days (for some reason, if it’s snowing, I only wear leggings).”

Bria got these jersey leggings from H&M. Recently, the price online for themis $14.95, so stop by H&M and see them for yourself! 

My Outfit

So here’s a pic…

LOL, excuse the awful mess of my room included in the picture! XD

I LOVE this outfit!

My top is a junior’s Xhilaration printed cropped tank from Target. The online price is $14.99 right now (I won’t lie, that’s pretty expensive! But I really love this tank!) 

My bottoms are from Forever 21. Sadly, I was unable to find them on their website 😦 But I love how the designed pockets match my top from Target! Just a quick heads up, for next week’s post, I’ll be wearing a different tank top that also matches these shorts!

Even though I’m lacking shoes with this outfit, normally I’ll wear my brand new kicks: a pair of black and white Nike Sons of Force high tops! They’re shown below:

Beautiful, aren’t they? 😀 It took a couple of times to break these babies in, but they’ve been a really nice pair of shoes to have since they can match with anything (they match really well with my outfit scheme I have going on here!)

And just to zoom in on one of the items from my outfit, here’s a closer picture of my tank from Target:

This outfit was a part of my personal revamp because I’d never worn many things with patterns in them. I’ve always liked to match tops and bottoms when I can, and this outfit – although brand new to my wardrobe – still expresses a piece of me that is MATCHING. Plus, it just screams SUMMERTIME to me! 😀 

Well! That is the end of my first REVAMP ’14! post! I hope you enjoyed seeing the personal, revamped styles of me and Bria this week! 

***ATTENTION: Special Offer to My Readers!

Dear Readers,

If you’re so inspired by this whole revamp business my friends and I have come up with for ourselves, start your own revamp! Dive in and shop for clothes you want to wear! 

If any one of you decides to do their own little revamp, please, LET ME KNOW! I’d love to see what other styles are out there and what other people enjoy wearing and why! 

Go to the top of my blog and look to your right; there’s a Contact Me! space there! I encourage you to email me what your revamp plan is, what items of clothing your planning on buying, where they came from, and why they are a part of your revamp! 

Include pictures and I’ll make you a special guest on the weekly REVAMP ’14! post that comes out EVERY FRIDAY. (I’ll permit 2 special guests per week!)

I hope to hear from many of you SOOOOOON! I’d love to have a few of my readers as a part of this Revamp movement! (^^)

Well, I hope you all have had a great week! Today is F-R-I-D-A-Y! And, I’ll be quite honest, my week hasn’t really been the greatest. BUT I’m thankful to still be alive and breathing with the opportunities laid out before me. Lots of lessons I still need to learn, but I’m willing to learn them in order for me to grow and understand things better!

I love you all! Get through today and IT IS THE WEEKEND, PEOPLE! GO OUT AND HAVE FUN! ENJOY YOUR SUMMER!

Wanna know what my next adventure is? House-sitting and dog-sitting for a family friend of ours! This means packing up my bags with everything I need to live in a foreign house and take care of a foreign dog for five days with my sister and a friend of mine (and getting paid to do it!) Excited to see how this little adventure of mine will go! 😀

luv ya!
*~.Mishy.~* (^^) ❤


…ever get bored of your style?

About a month or so ago, Caylin, Bria, and I were in my room talking about clothing and how fed up we were about the way we dressed. Okay, maybe not “fed up,” but we were pretty tired of the clothes we had. We all desired to have clothes that fit and that accented our body types, and we longed for the styles of other people we knew.

Items that were mentioned included beanies, tank tops, snapbacks, wedges, kicks, rompers, and better-fitting shorts and pants. 

Now, I don’t want you to mistaken our desire to change our styles for ungratefulness or self-hatred. We want to change or, as we like to call it, “revamp” our styles so we can look more our age (since, I will admit, we all have pretty young-looking faces LOL) and try something new. Instead of admiring other girls wearing things we wished we could wear, we decided, “Hey, we can wear that stuff if we want to! What’s holding us back?”

And so, the birth of REVAMP ’14 began!

…along with a new blog segment!

Every FRIDAY, I’ll be posting a REVAMP post that will have pictures of items that Caylin, Bria, and I either purchased or are planning on purchasing, along with a description of where we acquired the item and maybe even why we bought them; the inspiration of this certain item/style.

Style is constantly changing, so in no way am I trying to pressure any of y’all to dress a certain way. This is just something fun me and two of my closest friends decided to do, and I just wanted to share it with you all!

I am SO PUMPED about this new segment! Clothing is so interesting, and I just love all the different looks a person can have! Everyone has a specific style that is unique to them, and since my friends and I are different shapes, sizes, and ethnicities (spelling of that word? Totally unsure, LOL), it’s amazing to see what suits each of us. I hope you’re as excited as I am!

So be prepared for the first ever REVAMP ’14! post THIS FRIDAY! 😀

It’s WEDNESDAY! We’re halfway through the week! I don’t know about any of you, but I’m really excited for the weekend, mostly because I don’t get normal weekends sometimes. I may work Saturday, have Sunday off, and then have two random days of the week off…but then have to work that next Saturday again. 

My work schedule is complicated, haha.

But I hope those of you who are working (and I hear some of you are still in school, preparing for exams) are doing well! You can fight through this week if you do your best! I’ll be praying for each and every one of you. Everyone has a different story, different factors within their lives that are causing joy, pain, confusion, and numerous amounts of other emotions. I pray that the Lord gives you strength to surpass whatever valley you’re in, and grateful and joyful attitudes to understand and appreciate the hill you are standing on top of!

May God be praised for His faithfulness through both the hills and valleys of this life!

luv ya!
*~.Mishy.~* (^^) ❤