Two Years Ago…

This morning, my newly downloaded Google photos app notified me that I should look back on this day, two years ago. Curious, I opened the notification to pictures of me, my sister, and my best friend Bria at Mojo Burrito and then at an Issues concert.

I remember the day like it was yesterday.

Two years ago today, it was a school night; a Thursday. I probably got someone to cover my library work shift so I could go to this concert. Before leaving town, the three of us got dinner at Mojo Burrito, then  made our way to Atlanta. I remember realizing we were going to be late to the concert, which meant it would probably be harder to try to find parking for the venue, and we might miss some good opening acts.

My usual self would be visibly frustrated, to the point in which my sister would attempt to calm me down, but only irritate me more, which would then cause Bria to truly calm me down. But I clearly remember making the conscious decision to just let everything play out instead of worrying and freaking out, which made the car ride down more enjoyable.

And when we got to the venue after sitting through some typical Atlanta traffic? A couple left their parking spot that was right across the street from the venue, and I was able to perfectly parallel park into it. When we got into the venue, we’d missed one or two opening acts, but we were still able to catch the main two bands we wanted to see (PVRIS and Issues), plus we got to meet Bad Seed Rising after the show too.

The night ended with a trip to McDonald’s for fries and a large sweet tea, what would become a regular post-concert snack for me. And once we got back to campus at like 2:30am, Bria and I were still awake enough to take a picture of us wearing our Issues shirts.

And I remember at the end of the night thinking and expressing to Bria how I’d just let go of the frustrations I was wanting to hold onto, and allowed God to move throughout the night, and He’d provided in so many awesome ways. He didn’t have to, but he did, and it was awesome to be a part of that amazing night.

Crazy how that was all two years ago; how I could remember all those details, and remember that that was probably one of the first nights I actively trusted God with a situation, and I watched Him provide. Two years later, and I would see so many more of these kinds of situations in my life, and I’m grateful for every single one of them, and how they’ve all shaped me, my faith, my perspective.

With me actively getting back to work with writing and whatnot, this was the type of reminder I needed: that I could let go of the fear, the worry, the frustration that this process has the potential to cause, and just have faith that God will work His way through every single detail.

Happy Saturday, luvvies, aka my favorite day of the week! Whatever you’ve got going on today, I pray that you’ll release any fears, worries, and frustrations; call on God; and watch Him work through your circumstances. He hears you. He knows your heart and your desires. Trust in Him.

#MishyWrites 🦋✨

“Come Alive, Come Alive, Come Alive…”

"The Lord will fulfill His purpose for me; Your steadfast love, O Lord, endures forever. Do not forsake the work of Your Hands." – Psalm 138:8 (ESV)

I tend to have a habit of not blogging on Fridays, and it's because recently, I'm always doing something – a concert, a meet-&-greet, hanging out with friends. Maybe I should make Fridays my not blogging days, and just blog on Sunday? I don't know we'll have to see…ANYWAYS…

I didn't blog last night because I went to The Rocket Summer Do You Feel 10-Year Anniversary show in Atlanta, and I got to meet Bryce Avary, one of my heroes, for the second time. Going to shows of his is always different than going to other shows; afterwards, I leave feeling renewed, and reminded of my purpose. I see Bryce and all he does, and why he does it, and it encourages and reminds me that I am not useless. That I have a purpose, and can do what I love to glorify God, despite the fear, worry, and other troubles this world brings.

"Do You Feel?"

Last night, I was challenged to really think about whether I was feeling the pulse of the world right now instead of just focusing on my own world. It's too easy to get caught up in what's going on with me personally – my job, my writing, my friends, my family. Not to say these things aren't good things to focus on; but I need to learn to look outside of myself, and really pay attention to the world around me.

"So, In This Hour…"

Something else that's easy for me to forget is why I do what I do, and who I do it for. The focus becomes more on how I'm executing things instead of doing things for the sake of pleasing my Savior, and connecting with those around me. Hearing "So, In This Hour…" always resonates with me so deeply because I know I have a purpose, but I'm also very fearful of it. I'm afraid I'll mess it up, not do what I'm supposed to do, or say what I'm supposed to say. I'm afraid I'll let people down in the way I handle things. But God's grace is sufficient; He only needs to know if we're ready to take on the task He's given us, and He will help us along the way. I always need to be told that. And seeing Bryce take on the task the Lord has given Him, and seeing him doing what he loves with people who love and respect him just makes me realize that nothing is impossible with God. That doesn't mean it'll be easy, but it does mean that it can be so very good.


This morning, I read the verse that's at the beginning of this post, and just felt a confirmation from God saying, "Yes, I will fulfill My purpose in you. Simply be obedient to me. I know you're not perfect; I know the mistakes you'll make. But I'm willing to work with you. Just trust me."

Last night, near the end of the show, Bryce spoke this over the crowd, and told us to speak it as well: "Come alive, come alive, come alive…" He said it's a powerful statement, and as I yelled it, I could feel how powerful it is.

As frustrating as this world can be, I am alive. I may feel dead sometimes because of the choices I make – how I spend my time, what I choose to focus on, etc. But now is the time for me to step up, and to come alive. To shake the feeling that I'm worthless off me, and get moving, get working, break out into the world with full force.

"All I have is all of me, and it's all that I can give…"

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“I Done Got the Green Light from God.”

The title of this post is from a song my good friend Seaux Chill wrote called “God’s Classroom” (go check him out on SoundCloud, his music is lit!). And I think it’s totally appropriate for what I’m about to write about.

So, some of you know that I went to Nashville this past weekend to hang out with a couple of my “bros,” and to go to The Changes Tour with William Singe and Alex Aiono.

*DISCLAIMER: This is not a concert review. I’ll be posting a concert review on my new YouTube channel that I’m working on. This post is solely dealing with the opportunities presented to me involving my writing.

I went to the concert expecting to have a good time. I mean, I got VIP to meet Will and Alex, I was planning on seeing Silas (Will’s keyboardist), and I knew the show was going to be amazing. What I wasn’t expecting was Silas asking if I wanted to say one of my spoken word pieces on his Instagram live after the show.

Now, I knew Silas had read some of my blog posts because after following both me and my best friend Bria on Twitter and Instagram last year during Will’s The Introduction Tour, he’d kept up with us frequently because Silas is just that type of guy – he keeps up with his fans on social media extremely well.

But for him to ask me to say a piece on his Instagram live? I was blown away. Humbled. Grateful.

I thought I’d had the piece I wanted on my phone, but had to text my bros to email it to me from my computer at their apartment. Shoutout to them for coming through for me!

As I spoke my piece titled “Some Nights,” I tried to hinder myself from shaking because I was nervous. And excited. Silas’ little comments here and there encouraged me as I continued to read from my iPhone screen. And once I was done, I couldn’t believe it. I couldn’t remember what I’d read even though I was the one who’d written it. It was as if an adrenaline rush had gone through me as I read (“It’s just, a little rush…” haha).

Even though I could talk about how many follows, messages, tweets, etc. I’d gotten after that moment, I just want to focus on the fact that God blessed me with that opportunity. He blessed me with the gift to write, to communicate. He instilled within me the strength to even mention to Silas that I was wanting to put some background music to some of the spoken word poetry I had started writing.

All I can say is thank you, Jesus.

It doesn’t end there though…

I had to call a Lyft to take me back to the apartment, and the driver and I got into a conversation about writing. He began asking me questions about what kind of writing I preferred and why, exactly what I was working on, how I was able to discipline myself to blog almost every day, the issue of vulnerability from writer to reader, and other things. And I had never felt so comfortable and in my element than in these two moments – when I was speaking something I’d written, and when I was talking about writing and where I currently am in my writing journey.

Once we got to the apartment complex, the driver told me that I’d inspired him to continue writing every day, to start a blog of his own where he could write every day, and that he would take my advice and opinions to heart. And just hearing him say that made me tear up.

Because honestly, recently I’d been wondering if writing was supposed to be the thing I was doing with my life. I questioned whether the path I was going on was the right one, whether I was just doing something I wanted, and not allowing God to work in and through it.

So I see these current events, opportunities, and conversations as a confirmation from God. I’d been praying that the Lord would show me where I need to go with #JustStartWriting, that He’d direct me if I was off course. But I’d never felt such confirmation until this past Monday night after The Changes Tour show in Nashville.

Amazing how God works, and how He loves His children so much to show and speak to us in opportunities such as this.

As one of my cousins said after I told him this story, “Now you gotta go harder than ever.” And I plan on doing so with everything I’ve been thinking and praying about – my blogging, my writing projects, my vlog. I’m excited to see where God is going to take me because I truly believe that “I done got the green light from God.”

To end this, I just want to say another huge “THANK YOU” to everyone who’s believed in me thus far. To those who have been reading my stuff faithfully for a while now, and to those who are just beginning to follow my writing journey. To my family and friends who have always encouraged this dream of mine. To Silas (aka SodTp aka DAD?!) for encouraging me and believing in me enough to provide a small platform for me on his Instagram live 🙏🏽🌀. To all those who watched, either during or after the IG live broadcast. To those who messaged me, saying they felt connected with the words I’d written and spoken from my heart.

All praise and glory to God, my Father. I can’t wait to share more of my heart with you all.


💙 Mishy 🦋

I Want to Meet Kehlani but…

Well! I’m all moved into my new place! Yaaay, super exciting!

I think it’s still going to take a week or so to get adjusted to living here, honestly. Not that it’s not welcoming or nice – it’s both of those things. And my roommates are awesome, and so sweet. But I just feel like I’m in the way for now because I’m not used to it yet.

With that little update, onto my real thoughts for the day…

I’ve been itching to get these VIP tickets to Kehlani’s SWEETSEXYSAVAGE tour. I wanted to go to the Atlanta date since it’s on a Friday, and I could just stay with my family for the weekend. I told myself to just save money aside from my paychecks, and once I got it all saved, I’d buy my tickets.

But since she’s starting tour today, a lot of people are starting to but tickets to her shows, and a lot of the cities are starting to be sold out. So I’ve been getting nervous and antsy, thinking that I won’t be able to get my tickets, and naturally, I had to check. And…

…the standard VIP tickets were sold out. I was crushed. Totally disappointed.

Like, I truly want to meet this beautiful soul of a person. Her music got me through some rough times at the end of 2016. And as soon as SWEETSEXYSAVAGE was downloaded onto my phone (thanks to pre-order!), and I listened to the entire thing in one sitting, I knew that I wanted to see this human face-to-face, and tell her just how much her songs resonated with me and my story. How much her words made me cry tears of joy, and tears of pain as I connected with the emotions she portrayed through her lyrics. And now, it truly may not happen.

Now, there are still Gold VIP packages left. But man oh man, as a novice adult who just moved into a new apartment, and is going to have to start paying rent (and is still paying student loans), I truly don’t know if I’m going to be able to afford it. Or if it’s even a wise decision for me to drop all that money on concert tickets and meet-and-greet.

But I guess I was a little surprised that I didn’t get extremely upset or angry about the VIPs being sold out. Sure, I was salty. But I began to think of all the things that that money could go toward, not even thinking about rent and loans (although, I do keep them in mind, yes, don’t worry).

For instance, my best friend recently told me she is personally planning a trip to Hawaii this summer, and she invited me to come along. And you and I both know that’s not going to be cheap. But I told her that I’d save up for it because, um, hello? Hawaii? With my best friend? This shouldn’t even be a question.

Not to mention, I’m already going to a concert in March (my first one of 2017, actually!). I’ll be seeing William Singe, Alex Aiono, and SodTp in Nashville for spring break. So I have that to look forward to for sure!

Do I want to give up a chance to see and possibly meet Kehlani? Of course not. But I’ve got more things to think about. Responsibilities. Other options to consider.

Yeah, it’ll definitely  hurt a little if I can’t go to the SWEETSEXYSAVAGE tour. Yes, I’ll feel like I’ll be missing out on something, because I will be. But, Lord-willing, this won’t be my only chance to see Kehlani in concert, or get the chance to meet her.

I honestly felt the Holy Spirit tell me, in that moment as I sat with my phone in my hand, the OUT OF STOCK words glaring at me, to just be still. To rest. To not worry about it. To save up my money and continue to pray about it, and once the time came, I would make a wise decision based on my saving and my prayers.

If it’s meant to happen, then it will happen. And if it wasn’t meant to be, then it won’t. And I’m honestly at peace spending my money either on a concert, or on being with my best friend. Both are adventures that I’d be more than happy to embark on. Both with the potential to inspire.

There was really no lesson or anything with all of this. Just some thoughts that maybe you could relate to…

Have you ever been disappointed when things didn’t go your way?

Did you have to compromise something in order to get the results you wanted? Or maybe even be responsible, and not get what you wanted?

Have you ever stopped to really think about where you stood in a certain situation, and came to terms and to peace with something you were initially unwilling to let go of?

I think this post basically just covered all those questions. And I hope that, if you ever find yourself in a position such as this one – be it a concert or a trip or maybe an even more difficult decision – I pray that you would just rest and not stress. Do what you can with what you have. And be at peace with whatever outcome happens.



💙 Mishy 🦋

CONCERT REVIEW: The Made to Destroy Tour with Pierce the Veil, Neck Deep, and I Prevail

I just realized that I never wrote a concert review on the Made to Destroy Tour with Pierce the Veil, Neck Deep, and I PrevailI probably avoided this just because I’ve been so weepy since it’s been over. This past Friday night in Atlanta was totally amazing, and I miss every moment of it.

The journey began around 4:30pm after my sister, Kae’sha, got off work. We went through the Wendy’s drive-thru, and with the top down on her cherry red Mustang convertible, we made our way to Atlanta, blasting mostly Pierce the Veil and Neck Deep songs (because that was all I had on my phone), and as we neared Atlanta, the sky turned from a bright blue to a dark grey.

As we neared Atlanta, the sky turned from a bright blue to a dark grey. The tall business buildings of Atlanta loomed overhead, their top floors covered with clouds, fog, smog, or maybe a little of each.

“Atlanta is looking like Gotham right now, and it’s kinda freaking me out,” Kae’sha said as we drove deeper into the city.

She contemplated pulling off to the side of the freeway to put the top up (since you couldn’t do it with the car in motion. I learned this for the first time that night). But it wasn’t pouring just yet, and we were almost there, so we decided to just keep going.

We made it to The Tabernacle a little late, so as soon as we walked in, I could hear I Prevail singing their cover of “Blank Space.” I wanted to stop by the merch tables, but there was a pretty good line, and I didn’t want to miss anymore of the show than we already had.

Kae’sha guided me into the actual venue portion since it was my first time being there, and it wasn’t extremely crowded, but there were a good amount of people standing there. We slipped around people in the back to try to get as close as we could. We were content being back there; we didn’t really want to fight to the front.

While we waited for Neck Deep’s set, we made friends with two girls who were standing behind us. We swapped phones to take pictures of each other, and also to follow each other on Twitter and Instagram, and we discussed the different bands we’d seen in concert. It was actually one of the girls’ birthday that day, and this concert had been a present from her friend that was with her.

I would love to say that I got some great pictures of the show, and I sorta did, but not really. I think the best pictures/videos I got were of Neck Deep, but not of Pierce the Veil.

Guys. I’m not even going to try to go into too much detail of what was happening during this concert. All I’ll say are these things…


It’s no wonder they won “Best Live Band” for the 2016 APMAS because they were so good. They played all of my favorite songs basically…”Threat Level Midnight,” “I Hope This Comes Back to Haunt You,” “Kali Ma,” are only a few. Oh and “December (Again).” My, my…

Ben Barlow, their frontman, also called us “keen,” and said that this was the best show they’d played on tour so far. I was so weak.



It has been two years since I’ve seen Pierce the Veil live, and this would be the first time I’d be hearing some songs from the Misadventures album live. There are no words to express how amazing Pierce the Veil’s set was.

First of all, they had a space theme going during this tour. For those who know that I’m a space enthusiast, this theme alone slayed me from the beginning. They began with “Dive In,” and even played a couple of songs from their Selfish Machines album – “Caraphernelia” and “Bulletproof Love” (!!!!)

They performed “Floral and Fading,” (YES.) and they also played “Kissing in Cars,” which is such a HUGE deal because this is the first tour that they’ve played this song live for.  I WAS STOKED.

And then…guys…GUYSSSSS….




I lost it then. This album legit brought me through my freshman year of college. I cannot express all the emotions I was feeling.

I remember the last three songs vividly: “Hold on Till May,” and two encore songs – “Circles,” and “King for a Day.” I cried like a baby during “Hold on Till May,” I kid you not. You can ask the eleven-year-old girl who was standing next to me, and staring at me as I bawled my eyes out. Such a mess.

One thing I really enjoyed through Pierce the Veil’s set was that they explained what each song meant to them, and why or who they wrote it for. It made the songs even more special to me knowing their reasons for writing what they wrote…

“The Divine Zero” – creating songs/doing what you love/following your dreams, and helping others through your dreams

“Kissing in Cars” – for Jaime’s friend’s future wife when they were getting married

“Circles” – Vic dedicated this song that night to people affected by Hurricane Matthew, originally for people affected during the Paris attacks

“Hold on Till May” – for a friend of Vic’s who was neglected by her parents all of her life

Also, Vic Fuentes (Pierce the Veil’s frontman) encouraged us all that if we have a dream, we needed to do it right now. And it’s one of those things that you hear all the time, but sometimes you just need to hear it from one of your favorite people.

With everything going on with evacuating to Chattanooga, and also with personal things happening with me, this concert was definitely something that encouraged me in all sorts of ways. I needed to see my favorite band with one of my favorite people i.e. my sister.

Also, let’s talk about how, I’m still suffering from PCD (Post-Concert Depression, to those who don’t know), yet I’ve been able to listen to Pierce the Veil and a little of Neck Deep the past couple of days. I thought I’d be crying all over the place because I miss the show, and I miss them, but I think this show was just different in a lot of ways. It was just too good.

If you have a chance to see any of these bands during this tour, DO IT. You definitely won’t regret it. But I guess I’m pretty biased when it comes to this so…




The Future Hearts Tour!


Bria, Kae’sha, Xaris (pronounced “care-iss”), and I spent ALL DAY in Atlanta for The Future Hearts Tour featuring All Time Low, Issues, Tonight Alive, and State Champs.

The show was AMAZING. Seeing four very different bands come together and put on such a great show was just what I needed after a crazy week. The experience was definitely memorable.

We left the mountain around 8:15am and were hitting the road probably around 8:30am. We made some good time and got into Atlanta around 10:30 or 10:45, I think, and got to the Atlanta Civic Center to get spots in line. Bria and I left Kae’sha and Xaris to grab some food for all of us. We originally wanted Chik-fil-A…but it was a hospital Chik-fil-A. Like, what?! I’d never seen something like that haha.

So we got Wendy’s instead, and while we were there, apparently the line outside of the civic center got moved upstairs. We got back with food and sat as the second group to the door.

In case you were wondering, I did learn my lessons from my last concert. I brought a bag filled with all the necessities: my water bottle, hoodie, camera, hair ties, a pair of shorts (which I ended up changing into as soon as we grabbed seats in the venue), my wallet, etc. And I only brought a certain amount of cash with me to spend on merch. Speaking of merch…


Can you tell I love Issues?? 😀 ❤ #Hooliganforlife

I won’t give you an entire play-by-play of what happened in the 5 or 6 hours we stood in line. We talked to people around us, made a couple of friends, took naps, etc. I got to meet Kiley, the girl who sold me and Bria the Future Hearts Tour tickets, and it was great meeting her and her friends. I got to talk to them for a bit (they were in the table sign-in/meet-and-greet line), and they were super awesome!

There were some moments of strife, especially since we were in the general admission in line and seats were first come, first served. At around 4-4:30pm, all of a sudden people started rushing toward the doors and everyone who’d been sitting down for hours got up and squished against the doors. Staff from the venue and the Masquerade were yelling at everyone to move back, but of course, no one was gonna do that. So we waited in a huge mass like that for an hour-and-a-half, until one of the staff members told us we all had to be in a single-file line. And tons of pushing and shoving ensued.

From explaining to my friends about my experience at the Pierce the Veil/Sleeping with Sirens World Tour concert, our group knew we didn’t want to get front row seats. We just wanted to be able to see everything. And thankfully, the civic center was set up in such a way that everyone could see everything. It was great!

STATE CHAMPS did so good. I was so happy when frontman Derek Discanio brought out the acoustic and played “If I’m Lucky”. After that, I knew that the rest of the night was gonna be legit. He was even nice enough to go to their merch table and meet people, sign their stuff, and take pictures. And he was there for a LONG time too. Like, he was still there after Issues’ set. That was really sweet of him.

I couldn’t get any good pictures of State Champs cause they were moving around SO. MUCH. Heck, pretty sure that goes for all of the bands. I got one slightly good photo of Jenna. I got some good pics of Issues stage set with Tyler in it. There was so much movement (and I was too busy screaming and singing along to even try to sit still and take too many pictures), and I actually got some decent ones of All Time Low.

TONIGHT ALIVE was awesome. I don’t listen to a lot of their music, but I’m glad they played a few songs I slightly knew. Frontwoman Jenna McDougall was SO INSPIRATIONAL. I could just see all the passion in her as she performed. And she made everyone repeat this mantra after her before singing “What Are You So Scared Of?”:

“I refuse to live in fear of someone else’s judgment.”

That brought tears to my eyes. I mean, I don’t really struggle with being afraid of what other people think of me as much as I used to, but it’s still a message that everyone needs to be reminded of. There were plenty of teenagers and even younger people in the crowd who are in that stage of people-pleasing and trying to fit, or who are being made fun of because of who they are. I hope it touched some of their hearts as much as it touched mine.

Jenna also went out to the merch tables, but she was only able to be out there for 20 minutes. But, hey, at least she made time for that!


ISSUES…OH WHERE DO I BEGIN?! I just CANNOT EXPRESS how AMAZING they did! AHH THEY JUST MADE MY FREAKING NIGHT, GUUUYYYSSS!!! I’m ashamed to say I’ve never watched Pokemon before, but I now want to because of Issues’ beautiful set:


Like, SERIOUSLY? This is the best. Screamer Michael Bohn expressed his love for sweet tea (“Everybody say, ‘HELL YEAH’ for SWEET TEA!”). Tyler Carter prayed after they started their set with technical difficulties (“Thank you, Jesus, for this day…”). They played all the songs I love (except for “The Langdon House”. I wish they’d played that one!) And TYLER CARTER DID THE NAE NAE DURING ONE OF THE SONGS. I’m sad I can’t remember which one. Maybe it was “Never Lose Your Flames” or “Hooligans”. It was beautiful. They’re all beautiful. I love them all.

Sadly, no one from Issues came out to the merch tables. Maybe they went outside or something, but I wasn’t risking going outside to see them, because the staff from the civic center said they wouldn’t let anyone back in if they left the building. So tragic. One day, I’ll meet them all, hug them all, and finally get a twinsies pic with Skyler Acord (BECAUSE WE HAVE THE SAME HAIR).

And finally, ALL TIME LOW. I will admit, I’m not as big of an All Time Low fan as many people there were, but I know a good set when I see one, and they KILLED IT. The stage was perfect. The songs were amazing. The fact that Alex Gaskarth serenaded us all with “Therapy” and “Missing You” was just wonderful. And yes…they played, “Dear Maria, Count Me In.” It was the last song, actually, and afterwards, confetti rained down on everyone C O N S T A N T L Y until after a short part of “Uptown Funk” played after the show was over.


So great. It’s been so surreal today though. I feel like none of that actually happened. I’m suffering from PCD (post-concert depression) for sure! But, I think it was a great break from the crazy week we all had. It’ll only get crazier though, since FINALS START THIS WEEK, AHH!

Okay. I think that’s all for now.

Bria and I were planning on doing album reviews while we were in line yesterday, but there was just too much happening. Plus, I was exhausted, so I took a nap.

Hope y’all have had an awesome weekend with whatever you’ve got going on! I’ve gotta do some major studying cause I’ve got a lot to do this week.

It’s the start of a new week! Let’s get out there and crush it!


Mishy ❤