“Good Vibes Only.”

I know that the title of this post is something we all probably see smacked onto cups, shirts, bags, etc. But I've honestly been needing good vibes after a couple of weeks of the things I've seen and heard.

I'm not here to point fingers or call out names, I'm here to just address the fact that the negativity has reached its peek for me, and I'm tired of having it around. I've read way too much bashing, and not enough kind comments. People are constantly talking about one another – one person will talk about someone, and then go to someone else to talk about the person they just talked to.

It's honestly all drained me, and made me think about a lot of things within this realm…


All the negativity has me looking inward. I know I'm not perfect; as positive and encouraging as I am to the outside world most of the time, I have my moments, trust me. And I'm not proud of those moments in which I indulge in gossip, or eagerly await to hear the rumors about someone else. I'm not happy to say that I've sat in silence, and just listened to all of the negative discussions, instead of speaking up and addressing the fact that maybe things shouldn't be said or talked about.

I've realized it's not enough to be silent, and just stand around while the people around me are talking negatively. Because I'm still listening to the negativity; it gets into my mind, and before I know it, I'm thinking, saying, and doing the things I didn't want to think, say, or do. And because it affects me, if I continue it, it will affect those around me.

Honestly, a lot of the negativity I had been seeing was on social media, and I started to drift away from checking my socials often because I realized how much I was being affected by all of it. It's another reason why I stopped going on social media on Sundays – to have a day away from checking up on everyone else's lives, and potentially feeding off of and into the negativity I was seeing.

Pick a Side

I was seeing a lot of people who follow me and even each other talk badly about one another, and it made me so uncomfortable because we're all supposed to be on the same team. There shouldn't be an "us vs. them" or "me vs. her or him" mentality; we are all human, we are all wanting to get somewhere in life, and we are all connected to each other somehow, maybe by interest or people or location.

All of the negative talk also put me in this terrible position – I felt like I had to take a side. I either had to agree that "yes, this person was being this way," or "no, I don't think this person is like that," and this sort of dilemma is why I simply stayed silent. But again, even in silence, what I was hearing/seeing/reading was still affecting me. I began to take what some people said as gospel instead of questioning what was being said with questions such as:

Was what was being said true?
Was this person in a specific type of situation for them to act in the way being portrayed by the speaker?
How would this person feel if they were to hear what was being said about them?

the way in which I viewed the people being talked about, or the people doing the talking.

I Love You…I Love You Not…

By listening to and participating in the negative talking about others, or to others, my perspective of people began to be tainted by all of the things being said, and overall, it was affecting the way I loved on people, despite those things. And it's unfortunate because the things being said may not have been true, yet I used them as a measurement on whether I showed someone love or not.


Now, this isn't to say that I've totally blocked people, and have deemed them all horrible human beings for smack-talking each other. I am including myself as a person who smack-talks, and I say it with shame.

But I do want to address it because I'm tired of all of the negativity. Everyone says, posts, and supports "Good Vibes Only," but are we actually willing to be a part of what that actually means?

It means we love each other the best we can without trying to stir the pot (even though it may be fun sometimes. I didn't say spreading around negativity was boring; it happens for a reason). It means instead of tearing each other down, we're building each other up, encouraging each other in the things we're each pursuing, and embracing the differences we each have, because not one person is the same. Sure, there may be some similarities in some things, but each person is a unique human being who needs to be treated with some respect.

I'm not saying throw out some fake love; don't say or do anything that you don't genuinely mean. But it does mean that, if you have the opportunity to bash someone else, you choose not to do so. Maybe instead of staying silent while someone you know or sort of know is being talked about, you stand up for that person, and ask the speaker some hard questions about what is being said. I'm not saying throw hate on the speaker either; I'm saying, ask questions that will make them think about what they're saying.

It's hard and I know it is, because I have a hard time choosing the high road of not spreading the negativity.

But I just encourage myself and all of us to seriously spread the good vibes – be a positive light in the conversations you have. If you're tempted to talk bad about someone, think of one good thing about that person instead, and genuinely mean it.

Think about what you're saying before you say it.

Place yourself in the shoes of the person you're wanting to talk about – how would you feel if the things you were about to say were said about you? A lot of this just goes back to the major "Golden Rule" – "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you."

So yeah, that was just something that's been weighing on my heart lately, and I hope that my thoughts were able to make you think about where you are within the realm of good vibes and negative talk. We've all done it at some point, and we can't change that. What we can change is our reaction the next time the opportunity to speak negatively presents itself.

#MishyWrites #TruthPrevails 🦋✨


Living the Dream.

Yesterday before I left my dad’s hotel room, he asked our family a question – if we could do anything as a job for the rest of our lives, what would it be? And it was cool to share with them the dreams that I’m currently working towards.


That’s the amount of weeks I have left until everything drops. I’ve been debating on when I should tell people, if it’s a good idea to go ahead and scream the date out, or if it’s too early in advance for people to know because they may just forget about it.

But hey, I guess it doesn’t hurt to actually say it. Maybe it’ll keep me accountable for getting everything I need to get done accomplished.

June 21st.

June 21st – Why This Date?

Because it’s the first day of summer, my favorite season. Because I feel like it gives me enough time to get my things in order website-wise, and also writing/spoken word wise. I’m planning some great things, and I’m praying that they all work out, and that I’ll be able to continue to provide some content for everything, and get a dream of mine that I’ve had for months now up and running.

But Wait, What are Your Dreams?

I dream about a lot of things – traveling, writing for a living, publishing a book, speaking my words in front of a live audience, doing a book signing. And for what? To reach who?

To just speak to people in general who have gone through the same things I’ve gone through, or feel the same things I’ve felt. To acknowledge the difficulty in life, but also acknowledge the beauty in it. To point back to my Heavenly Father Who is over all things, and Who deserves all the glory, honor, and praise. To wrap my arms metaphorically and even literally around young women, and remind them that they are special beings to behold; that they may feel inadequate at times, but they are truly treasures. To tell them that they aren’t their past, and they are capable of so much more than they realize.

I truly believe that in the past couple of months, God has been pulling on my heart about my writing, the gift He has so graciously given to me. Previously, I’d been writing things with the same amount of emotion and passion, but I was afraid to really break out and try new things for fear that I wasn’t good at them; for fear that people wouldn’t like the way that I was trying to communicate.

But then I did it, and thanks to Silas Doss, who was so willing to help me speak the words I’d been writing, I have just felt this rush of passion, and it’s opened my eyes to what I feel like I should be working towards. And ever since then, the Lord has been opening doors of opportunity, and it has been a beautiful thing to see and to live. And thanks to family and friends who I’ve been discussing these dreams with, I haven’t given up on pursuing them yet! It helps to have the support of these people in my life.

Now, this doesn’t mean that I’m 100% sure that what I’m working towards is going to work out. Who knows, maybe the Lord will pull me in a different direction as I’m going through this entire process. But as of now, I am moving forward. I am answering the call, and still bowing in humility because I don’t want to misstep anywhere, and go where God doesn’t want me.


I won’t release details of what I’m working on just yet…maybe I’ll wait a couple more weeks to unfold it all. But I think it just hit me last night as I was answering my dad’s question about doing a dream job forever, something I love – I think it was just cool to acknowledge aloud that I am currently working towards that; that my dream didn’t feel like a distant idea that was unattainable.

It felt real. And it is real.


๐Ÿ’™ Mishy ๐Ÿฆ‹

updates + a poem.

So, haha, hello? Is this thing on??

It’s definitely been a minute. More like a week. I feel like that’s been the longest I’ve gone without blogging all year. And it feels so weird. And I’m sorry for being so absent!

I have been extremely busy with some new projects, life events, social events, and work. How it’s almost the end of April is beyond me. How Easter has come and gone is crazy. How my sister is graduating from college next weekend, therefore, making it a year since I graduated college is unbelievably out-of-this-world. Time flies.

I am going to share a poem that I wrote during my two-week Twitter break. It was a poem that I was going to save for later posting, but I think it’s time to share it with you all.

It’s appropriate to share it now, I think, because as I’m preparing and working on my creative endeavors, I have to constantly remind myself that I cannot be distracted by all the things going on; I can’ even be distracted with my creative work. I can’t let all the hours of tedious typing, alignment, filming, thinking overcome my spiritual life, and bring me into the jaws of pride.

I can’t wait until everything I’m currently working on comes together so that you aren’t just exposed to the written aspect of my words, but you’ll be able to hear it in my voice, and visualize it through acting.

Coming soon. 8.5 is the magic number as of right now. #waitonit

For now, though, enjoy this poem: 

I was hesitant to let go for fear of others’ thoughts. I was scared that if I admitted I had a problem, there would be judgment, shame. I could hear the “you know better’s” and the “I thought you had it all together’s” hindering me from growing. Closing doors of opportunity without me even knowing.

I tried to run from it. Tried to pretend like everything was fine. I tried to make it seem like I wasn’t wasting my time, but I can’t run from God. I can’t hide, can’t pretend that my Maker doesn’t know what’s best for me, or isn’t on my side.

I wanted to think I could handle it all – the attention, the pressure, the admiration and love. I thought being humble about everything would be enough, but pride is sneaky; it takes many different shapes. So much so, before you know it, you’re no longer just “great,” but you’re the greatest, the best, better than the rest.

I told a friend that the battle in my mind was too clear. Spirit desired to do good, but the flesh was also near, whispering in my ear that I deserved all this. I’d worked hard, I’d been searching, seeking, waiting on God to make things abundantly clear to me.

Surely, I thought, surely, this is where I need to be. What I need to do. 

But, O God, I cannot move forward. No, not without You.

Steady my heart, Lord. Steady my mind. Take the pen in my hand and, write out my poems, my rhymes. 

It all sounds so good, God. It all feels so right.

Or so I thought, until I could no longer sleep at night. My mind began to wander, my heart unsteady still. And, finally, I could take no more, and said,

Lord, have Your will. Not mine. I’m sorry it took some time for me to obey, and see that my way was getting me nowhere.

God, I haven’t written a good few words in some days now. And I’m scared. Please don’t take this gift from me, please give me strength to use it well. Humble me now, and ready my soul so I may continue to write and tell everyone I know or come in contact with that my words are not mine, but Yours.

I plead the fifth.

Because none of it was me, no, the only thing I’m guilty of is allowing pride to swallow me, and still fool me into thinking I was good. I could handle this. I could be humble enough to manage this, but God in His grace showed me how wrong I was, and told me to get away from all the buzz, the noise that was causing me to focus more on myself than on Him.

Lord, I accept Your mercy. Please, forgive my sin.


๐Ÿ’™ Mishy ๐Ÿฆ‹

beauty in the vague.

How about a little writing lesson I’ve come up with myself, and am considering whether or not it’s good to share since it goes against the grain of what I’ve always been taught as an English major, and as a writer?


There is beauty in the vague.

I thought about this while I was talking to one of my friends this past weekend about writing. I was explaining to him my thoughts on poetry, and decided to spread my thoughts out to writing in general. Before I even spoke this quote, I typed it out on my phone to make sure that my thoughts made sense before speaking them. And this is what I came up with…

Poetry…no…writing in general…is not complete without the finishing touches of the reader.

And I hope that when I wrote this and thought this out, I wasn’t taking some other author’s words, and claiming them as my own. If I am, I’m sorry – I only truly began to make sense of this as I was having this conversation with my friend. I will give credit where credit is due if I’m told of someone who’s thought like this.

This actually goes back to the night of the last concert I went to in Nashville, TN, when I was talking to my Lyft driver about non-fiction writing. I can’t remember what specific topic regarding writing was being talked about, but I do remember telling him that it is good to give details to help the reader imagine things well, to paint the picture for the reader, but it is also good to be vague sometimes.

I know that sounds odd, especially to my fellow writers and English majors who remember being told countless times in creative writing classes, “Details, details, details. Don’t tell me, show me. Describe what you want your reader to see with vivid imagery.” And I agree, these things are totally important to writing. But I’m learning that being vague can also be just as important, just as beautiful.

This is the example I gave to my Lyft driver: I may want to write about me being in a park somewhere, but I want to emphasize my feelings and emotions while being there more than the fact that I’m at the park. Sure, I could place some proper nouns in there, give some vivid descriptions…

I walked through The Commons playground near the forest green and beige plastic playground set towards the swing set that was rooted in wood chips of different sizes. The city preferred the wood chips to the rubber padding that would cause less splinter incidents among the neighborhood kids, who would notoriously land on their hands and knees from jumping, falling, tripping, etc.

What was a pain to kids and parents all over my neighborhood brought some sadistic symbolic comfort to me. For I desired to sit on a swing, and swing as high as I could, kicking my feet back and forth, pushing me towards the sky. I wanted to launch myself off of the black rubber seat, fly through the air, and feel the stabs of the small sticks on the ground against my hands and my knees as I landed on earth, the pieces of wood stuck to my flesh when I’d look down to see the damage that was done.

Because that’s how you made me feel – you got my hopes up extremely high only to let them come crashing down, with repercussions so painful, they’ve stuck to me like splinters.

So, here, you can see that I gave some specifics about the playground, like the name of it, the colors of the playground set and swing, what kind of ground it stood on. Which is great, the reader can totally envision the playground, even though they probably haven’t been there themselves (okay, maybe they can’t truly imagine exactly what it looks like, but I’m trying to make a point here in a short amount of time, bear with me!)

But sometimes – I’m not even sure when I’ve done this in my own writing, but maybe I have – it may be best to leave the details out. Instead of “The Commons” park, just the park. Instead of saying what color the playground set is, just describe the playground set in general terms – jungle gym, two slides (maybe one straight, one twisty), etc. Now, why as an English major would I ever suggest such vague writing? I feel like a total hypocrite right now as I type this.

In this instance, when I want to focus on a specific lesson, situation, or emotion, I feel like filling out the details is unnecessary. Instead, let the reader fill them out for themselves for a deeper connection to their own story. Let them choose the park they’re walking in; maybe they’ll envision the one they have in their own neighborhood. Allow them to envision the color of the playground set. Give them space to put themselves into a specific setting they’ve created by the general descriptions you’ve provided. And let them take on the feelings you’ve described. Yes, you as the writer still have some control because you’re telling them what the emotion is – disappointment / high hopes that were totally dashed.

Now, of course, you don’t want to give the reader full control of the story if it is a true account that you’re trying to portray to them, like if you were writing a memoir piece. Reading other people’s accounts of their personal lives, the places they’ve been to, where they’ve lived, is fascinating, and inspiring, and I’m definitely not discounting that.

But I also believe that being a little general, a little vague has its place as well, and I don’t know about any other writers out there, but I was never told that being vague in my writing could be a good thing. I was never taught that allowing the reader to take control sometimes, and to connect in their own way with the words I write could be something powerful. And I truly believe it can be as readers can put themselves in their own worlds, but at the same time try to sympathize and empathize with the feelings of the writer.

And, who knows, maybe I’m wrong, or maybe there’s someone out there saying this already, and I have yet to hear it. For now, I’m gonna take this thought, run with it, and see where it leads me.

I hope that maybe this spurred some thoughts about your own writing, or maybe you have questions about why I think like this, or maybe you want to tell me your opinion on this matter? I’d love some feedback because in no way am I saying that I’m the English / writing expert here. Just sharing my writing thoughts with you all! ๐Ÿ™‚ Please don’t hesitate to comment!

I must go, for sleep is needed when one must get up at 6am for work the next morning. Sweet dreams, luvvies!


๐Ÿ’™ Mishy ๐Ÿฆ‹

vulnerability and me and you.

I was writing a piece tonight (one that I probably won’t share until it’s published, or maybe I won’t share it at all), and as I wrote, I happily drowned in the vulnerability of the moment. I wrote what I was feeling as I was feeling it.

Sometimes I think it can be hard for people to be vulnerable; I know it’s sometimes hard for me to be, especially in my blogging because I know people will read it. Not just strangers, but family members and friends, people who will probably end up texting me later that night or the next day to ask if I’m okay.

Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate the thoughts, and the concern (so, if you’re in my inner circle and have called/texted/messaged me about something I wrote, I love you for it :)). But sometimes I think that people are less willing to be vulnerable for fear of the questions, comments, concerns.

But I will encourage whoever is reading this in regards to being vulnerable (some of you have already seen this on my Snapstory or even on my Twitter):

Being vulnerable can be hard sometimes. Don’t discount vulnerability though. Express what you feel in any way you feel. Let it flow out of you.

Be it through writing, singing, dancing, drawing, whatever it is, let it flow. I wrote in a blog post a month or so back that my writing was about connecting with other people. Which is true, it is, but ultimately, my writing should be about expressing myself, and how I’m feeling, however vulnerable that is. Whether it is praising God, or questioning Him; whether it is in a season of plenty or a season of famine. Expressing some of my vulnerability really allows me to assess how I am feeling.

And the cool thing about being vulnerable is sometimes during that assessment, you can realize that maybe what you’re feeling right now illogical, or maybe you understand that what you’re feeling won’t last forever, even though in the moment, you feel like it may. I think this is a huge reason why I think it’s important to be vulnerable sometimes – to be able to recognize that whatever you’re feeling will pass. But use the present emotion that you’re feeling to create something that is 100% you. Sure, people may have felt the same way as you do, but no one can express it in the same way as you do.

So, I challenge you: the next time an emotion hits you – happy, sad, lonely, stressed out, ecstatic, totally done, etc. – use whatever outlet you want to, and be vulnerable in that moment. Write out the thoughts you’re thinking word for word. Play some chords on an instrument that reflect how you’re feeling. Paint your nails a color that reflects your emotions.

And the ultimate goal isn’t to be vulnerable so you can eventually post it to your blog, or to your YouTube channel, or to even share it with a group of close friends.

The goal is for you to be okay with being vulnerable with yourself.


๐Ÿ’™ Mishy ๐Ÿฆ‹

grasping for straws – write on, pt. 2

I had to be quiet.

For just a few moments,

I needed the silence to

Swallow me up.

These days I find myself

Aimlessly searching for words

To breathe themselves onto paper.


How to reach? How to connect?

How to make everything I say

Come straight from my heart?

I was experiencing things, but not feeling them.

I was desperately trying to focus my attention

To my Main Priority

And in that process I became


Fearful that the words I would produce

Wouldn’t be as good as

Previous thoughts.

Scared that what I had to say wasn’t


Was mentioned too often to matter.

Would be seen as plagiarism or


Because there are so many people who are similar to me.


But that in itself should fuel my desire,

Should heap passionate words onto this burning fire of





Similar stories mean

Similar feelings and

Similar emotions that

Need addressing.


I cannot be afraid to overlap.

I cannot be ashamed to say, “me too”

For it’s one of the main ways that

I can connect with you.



I’ll write on.



๐Ÿ’™ Mishy ๐Ÿฆ‹

write on.

I’ve had to do a lot of thinking lately. A lot of self-evaluation in regards to what I’m doing who I’m doing it for how it affects the way I live. I feel terrible for not blogging anything recently but I do think I needed the time to step back, and be introspective about it all.

I’m tempted to be down about not writing, but I know that’s just going to hinder me even more. Life goes on.

I think the main questions I’ve been asking myself are, “How can I desire the things of God more than the things of this world? The world just looks so enticing sometimes. What does this desire look like in reference to pursuing my dreams? In reference to chasing after the truth, and putting words together to communicate it?”

These questions were answered as I read my Bible last week, and was in the books of Psalms and Proverbs…

“Let the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be acceptable in Your sight O Lord, my Rock and my Redeemer.” – Psalm 19:14 (ESV)

Every word I write or speak, I want it to reflect the relationship I have with my Heavenly Father. That is my goal. That is what I want to base all of my writing with. I won’t be perfect at it, but I should strive to be this way. And I’ve been wrestling with the thought of what this really means. Does this mean thatย everything write has to have the word “Jesus” or “God” in it? I’ve always been tempted to think that Christian writers can sound cliche because they’re trying so hard to portray the perfect Christian character, or sound extremely theological, when I honestly believe that writing the every day thought, feeling, struggle, etc. is expressive enough.

I don’t and shouldn’t have to keep telling you guys in everything I write that I am a Christian; it should show in the way that I view the world, and my circumstances.

Of course, some of my writing may reflect hard times, and I’m not saying thatย everything I write will have the best Christian perspective. ย Because life gets hard sometimes; things don’t go the way we thought they would. Plans change, and so do people. Life has it’s ups and downs.ย But I will guarantee that my writing will portray a real Christian’s perspective – the good and bad. The easiness of life and the struggle. When following God is easy, and when it’s hard.

“Some trust in chariots and some in horses, but we trust in the name of the Lord our God.” – Psalm 20:7 (ESV)

I tend to want to follow the process, or depend on followers, views, or social media to make my dreams happen. But my trust must be in the Lord. It hurts sometimes to think that maybe my dreams don’t align with the plan He has for my life, but if I continue to seek after Him, I believe His desires will become my desires.

There sometimes seems to be a formula to how I can make my dreams happen (at least, that’s how it seems to me), but I’m learning that trusting God with it is the only formula I need. Doesn’t mean everything’s going to go my way – but I will be more at peace knowing I did what I was supposed to first and foremost.

“Because Your steadfast love is better than life, my lips will praise You.” – Psalm 63:3 (ESV)

Life is so busy. I become so entrenched wit it, so caught up in simply surviving that I forget what is truly important. I want to live every day with the mindset that God’s love is greater than my life. It’s greater than any sunshine-y, easy work day. Better than any piece I could write. Better than any piece my favorite writers could write, or any song my favorite musicians could sing and play.

His Love is theย best.

From Proverbs 1…

“The fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge; fools despise wisdom and instruction.” (v. 7)

It startย here. Fearing the Lord. I touched on this a little in my last blog post, but I cannot have biblical wisdom or Truth instilled within me until I fear the Lord. I cannot expect to write truth until I am filled with it.

“My son, if sinners entice you, do not consent.” (v. 10)

I’ve honestly felt some pressure to be a certain way; to be “grown,” I need to at ย like this, say these things, listen to this stuff. A lot of it isn’t biblical. I cannot be enticed by this world in this way, or even in the ways the world says I should in order to get where I need to be.

I will get where I need to be by simply fearing the Lord, and being obedient to what He has for me to do.

“Such are the ways of everyone who is greedy for unjust gain; it takes away the life of its possessors.” (v. 19)

Verses 8-19 of this chapter describe the enticement of sinners, and I honestly was comparing it to the thoughts of those who do things just to “make it,” or for the popularity or the money. I have been so tempted to be discouraged about my writing, about #JustStartWriting, about my vision, and my dream because I’m not “there” yet.

But where is “there” exactly? I need to stop worrying about what everybody else is doing, and focus on what the Lord has for me to do.

“If you turn at my (wisdom’s) reproof, behold, I will pour out my spirit to you; I will make my words known to you.” (v. 23)

I’ve been so hesitant to really focus on my faith because I’m afraid that my writing will become too preachy or so faith-filled no one will want to read it. But, as I said in my last blog post about being a woman, my faith is the most important aspect of my life, and if that isn’t portrayed in my writing, or isn’t the driving force behind my writing, I feel like it’s all kind of pointless.

I shouldn’t be afraid to have my faith be a main motivator in what I do. And I don’t want it to be fake either; like I don’t want to just say, “Thank you, God, or giving me this talent of writing,” and that be the only credit I ever give Him for all the words that come out of me. I want it to be sincere. I want to turn to wisdom every day, and truly ponder in it before I do anything.

“Because they hated knowledge, and did not choose the fear of the Lord, would have none of my (wisdom’s) counsel and despised all my reproof, therefore they shall eat the fruit of their way, and have their fill of their own devices.” (v. 29-31)

Truthfully, I feel like I haven’t been choosing the fear of the Lord in some aspects of my life. I feel like I’ve been trying to find my way through this writing thing on my own. Even though it seems having a fill of my own devices is good, it’ll only be good for so long until it blows up in my face. I know that what I want truly does not matter here. It’s okay for me to dream, to desire things sometimes, but my desires and dreams shouldn’t be my main focus. I shouldn’t throw godly wisdom to the wind to gain satisfaction here on earth.

“…but whoever listens to me (wisdom) will dwell secure and will be at ease without dread of disaster.” (v. 33)

This is the promise; something I need to take seriously, and practice daily. It’s too easy to forget and push biblical wisdom aside.

In order for my writing to be straight, my mind, body, and most importantly, my spirit need to be straight first. “Dwelling secure” and being “at ease without dread of disaster” sound great to me. I just need to be in it.


Overall, I have realized that I’m way too concerned about how the world will receive my writing, how they’ll view me, whether I’ll reach a certain point of popularity or fame, whether what I have to say is true, relevant, and original if there are strands of my faith or my walk in the faith woven through it.

But none of that should matter because none of that is going to bring me joy or happiness. None of that stuff has an unconditional love for my soul, my life. None of that stuff cares about my eternal salvation, or that of my loved ones.

Not to say that what I’ve written before doesn’t reflect my faith, or my genuine thoughts and emotions. Just because it doesn’t explicitly talk about my faith, it doesn’t make it any less relevant. It doesn’t discount those writings.

A famous poet that I look up to named Reyna Biddy (whom I’ve mentioned before) expressed how she longs to connect with people through her words. And honestly, that’s what I hope my writing will ultimately do – connect with people’s feelings and emotions, and have the force behind my words and that connection be my faith.

I wrote the poem below this afternoon, and I feel like it sort of brings all of my thoughts together. A final culmination of everything I’ve been thinking about.

write on.

It’s been a few days since I

Wrote to you.

I’ve been contemplating the meaning of

The words of been speaking and writing

And wondering if it’s all been meaningless.

It hasn’t, and I know it hasn’t.

The words I’ve written have been

Reflections of feelings and situations that

Have actually happened.

I can’t deny how I felt back then,

How I feel now.

Which is why I’ve been brought to the conclusion that

Writing isn’t about

Being well-known.

It’s not about having a huge fan-base or following.

It’s all about


Connecting with the hearts and souls of those

Who feel alone. Who feel like they need

Someone to tell them it’s all gonna be okay,

Who desperately crave to have their

Emotions expressed in a way

That’s relevant and accurate.

And I can’t do this if

My faith

Isn’t the driving force of

What keeps my writing on course.

It’sย theย priority, and I do mean “the

Because it’s too tempting to focus all my

Writing on me,

And what I desire it to become one day.

Can’t worry about the future,

Gotta take care of the now.

Need to keep doing what I’ve been doing

The best I know how.


I’ll write on.



๐Ÿ’™ Mishy ๐Ÿฆ‹