About the Blog

Welcome to To the Brim! I'm so excited and happy that you're here! πŸ™‚

To the Brim came about during my sophomore year of college when I was thinking about switching my old blog Redefined. from Blogger to WordPress. I had constantly been going back and forth about when I should make the switch, and I'd finally come to the conclusion that the sooner, the better.

And then I began to think about the blog as a whole, and whether it was still reflecting who I am. I am constantly growing and changing, being redefined because of how God is working in my life. And as I began to think of my life fully, I thought about a quote I had just read that day that said, Dum vivimus vivamus which is Latin for While we live, let us live.

As I pondered this quote, I remembered all the things that had happened to me in the past few months. Then things from years ago appeared in my mind, and I could just feel the nostalgia, and all the different feelings I'd felt within those times. I could remember events, people, and other things such as the music I listened to during that time; and I realized just how much God had given me.

Honestly, there are days when I wish that I had someone else's life, or that I was living in a completely different way. I crave adventures, new experiences. And as I thought about how much I wished for this, I thought to myself about how truly scared I am sometimes to do different things that are outside of my comfort zone. Sometimes I cave in and do it, other times, I pass up the opportunity. Yet despite what I decide, my life is still a life. And, even though it isn't filled with experiences that I have not done but wish to do, it is still FILLED with so many other things, things that some people will always experience, other things that some don't ever get the chance to.

And so, this blog is dedicated to the life that God has given me, which encompasses my dreams, passions, and desires that the Lord has placed within me to make me who I am right now.

So, welcome to my life. A life that's filled To the Brim.

Love ya!

Mishy 🦋✨



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